Salmon & Halibut Fish Cakes Recipe

Salmon & Halibut Cakes

We love fresh fish! It’s that time of year when fresh and wild halibut and salmon are in season. Try this light and crunchy Halibut & Salmon Cakes recipe.

Mountain Trek helps Nepal

Emergency in Nepal – How We’re Helping Our Friends

We’ve heard from a number of our alumni regarding Nepal since the earthquake and we wanted to write to let you know what the situation is there and the various ways we are helping. Mountain Trek has a special relationship with Nepal: in 2011 we organized an adventure hike there that saw our guests reach Everest […]


Five Weight Loss Must-Haves for Every Kitchen

No doubt you have a fair few gadgets in your kitchen but there are really only a handful that are needed in order to ensure you stick to a healthy weigh-loss regimen. Here they are: #1. Kitchen Scale If you really want to get serious about weight loss then it’s important you understand portion size. Purchase […]