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With a 16 guest maximum, Mountain Trek offers an intimate, individualized experience, within a supportive small group atmosphere. Kickstart your metabolism or reboot your fitness at a challenging boot camp for adults. You will unplug from your daily stressors and hike 4 hours a day at your fitness edge, in magnificent mountain scenery. Whatever your fitness or weight loss goals, you’ll accomplish them at Mountain Trek.

Spa & retreat locations

Whether you’re interested in exploring the magnificent mountain alpine from our retreat in British Columbia or the high desert of a spa in Baja California, you can experience the same celebrated Mountain Trek program at either of our world class locations.

Visit British Columbia

Visit Rancho La Puerto, Mexico


What you will experience



A Typical Day

Mountain Trek offers a structured boot camp style program that while keeping you busy will rejuvenate and relax you in a way you probably have never experienced. Morning yoga, daily hiking, cardio and core workouts, spa cuisine and time in our spa are all designed to contribute to your increased fitness and weight loss.


Every day we spend 4 hours hiking though forests, up mountains and past glacier fed rivers. Supported by phenomenal guides who will have you working at your fitness edge, you’ll see dramatic results in weight loss and fitness and as you pass through dramatic natural landscapes.

Good Food and Balanced Nutrition

You’ll always have the nutritional energy you require to participate in a full day of boot camp. Our spa cuisine is both nutritious and delicious and weight loss is guaranteed when you combine our fitness regime with our nutritional practices.

Fitness Classes

Energize and boost your cardio, endurance, muscle strength and overall fitness levels with fun and challenging fitness classes in our lake view gym with personal trainers and fitness instructors.

Destress and Detox

Leave your busy world behind when you enter Mountain Trek. Our life coaches teach you techniques in stress release and detoxification for your wellness and weight loss. Relax in our spa and enjoy evening massages before slipping into a deep a restful sleep that will repair and rejuvenate you for your next day.

Weight Loss

Whatever your weight loss goals, Mountain Trek will firmly put you on the path. Supportive guides and coaches lead you though a program that guarantees increased fitness and weight loss. All you need to do is participate and you’ll see immediate and exciting results.

How will this work for you?

Men and women have different body types and metabolisms. These pages will answer some of your questions; feel free to contact us for more information. Mountain Trek

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