Hike your but off with Mountain Trek!

  • butIlikesnackfoods
  • triedsomanydiets
  • selfconscious.eleanorR
  • butitstheholidays
  • butifeelsluggish
  • butimightbehungry2
  • butiamoutofshape
  • butihavesolittletime
  • butiamafraidofbeingleftbehind
  • butidonthavetimeforbreakfast
  • butidon'tknowhowtodoyoga
  • But I have Never Been Snowshoeing
  • But The Mountains Are Too High


Are you letting your life get in the way of living? Is there a voice inside that directs you away from the small steps that can make you feel healthy, present and alive?

  • but I’m busy…
  • but I feel sluggish…
  • but I don’t know how to make the changes I need…

Every but impedes your transformation to feeling full of vibrant energy. Hike those buts off with Mountain Trek. Our supportive team has worked with thousands of clients, many of whom are just like you‒ committed, working hard and often over-extended. It can be difficult to make time for health and fitness. Getting back the body you used to live in can be a challenging task, or creating the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of takes knowledge and experience.

We can get you started. Our program will ignite your metabolism and with us, you’ll gain the experience of heightened wellness and the understanding of how to maintain that energy in your daily life.

Have a look at our buts

  • But you deserve to feel amazing!
  • But you’ll experience renewal!
  • But we’ll support you all the way!
  • But we know you can succeed!

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