9 Ways to Cure the “Muffin Top”

9 Ways to Cure the “Muffin Top”

Muffin Top10Recently, Mountain Trek’s program director and head guide Kirkland Shave gave a presentation at the Google head offices in New York City called “The Muffin Top.” In it, he described how societal pressures play a huge role in our wellness and, in turn, our body shape. He talked about how the human race were hunters and gatherers for over 190,000 years and then turned to farming about 10,000 years ago. Then, 250 years ago humankind started moving into factories with the onset of the industrial revolution and for the past 50 years we shifted into offices. That’s not a long time to be working in an environment that encourages us to remain sedentary for eight hours a day. Actually, that’s not accurate either. Did you know the average person worked an average of 6 hours a day (most of it during the summer months) before the industrial revolution. Today, what with the prevalence of smart phones, we work an average of 14 hours a day!

Those are some dramatic and unhealthy lifestyle changes in less than half a century and each one contributes to the new trend of the human “muffin top” shape. There are ways to combat this however. Below are a nine tips for curing the muffin top.

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Attempt to walk 10,000 steps a day, take the stairs or join a gym.

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Take two 1 minute breaks in the work day to close eyes and breathe deeply.


Muffin Top6


Test for food sensitivities.



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Power down electronics 1 hour before bed and remove all electronics from bedroom.



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Reduce alcohol consumption to 1-2 days per week.



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Minimize use of Soy, plastic food wrappers, pesticides, and petrochemical cosmetics.



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Infrared Sauna 1-2 times per week at Day Spa or Health Club to release toxins.


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Chew food to liquid state and add Probiotics to build intestinal flora.



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Switch to low Carb/high Protein and Fibre rich diet.


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