Improve Nutritional Education and Eating Patterns

Nutrition Good food in and good results on the outside


Take home a new life-changing attitude toward your body and how to nourish and energize it. When your body has the right energy at the right time, you would not believe how well you can perform. You will not only look great but really feel it too.

I highly recommend Mountain Trek for anyone at any level of fitness whether an avid crossfitter like me, or someone who rarely exercises. They customize your hiking trails to suit your level. I reduced my body fat and realized how much my body can do when given all the right nutrients. – Denver, CO

Quality organic, wild or local ingredients designed and served right from our own kitchen. Gourmet chefs prepare meals designed for your needs, at the right portion sizes, combinations and time of day.

Eating is about nourishing a healthy, active body. You don’t count calories; we take care of that for you. Our talented chefs and kitchen staff have designed an inventive menu that, meal by meal, will provide you with all the energy you need for hiking and fitness activities while being the best foods for your health goals.

Under the guidance of our registered dietician, our approach to food is clear and simple.

Ancestral focus

Ancestral Focus

The program diet is styled after the Paleo-diet. We eat in the seasons and style of our ancestors for most benefit.

Caffeine And Stimulant Free

Caffeine And Stimulant Free

We don’t serve alcohol, caffeine or other stimulants. Your body is only getting the very best ingredients and mixes.

Interative Nutrition Class with a Nutritionist

Interactive Nutrition Class

Learn practical, evidence-based strategies to create a diet that supports nutrition and wellness.

Portion Controlled Spa Cuisine

Portion Controlled Food Pairing

Certain foods go better together and in certain quantities. The staff prepare food and snacks perfect for your body and your goals for the week.

Nutrition Benefits & Program Features:

Portion Controlled All Inclusive Organic, Wild, Local or Natural
Educational Talks Options – Gluten Free Stimulant Free
Mountain Spring Water Caffeine Free Whole Body Healing

Book NowProper nutrition is of the utmost importance. Our food is our energy. We don’t want the side effects of bad energy choices when it comes to the environment. Why wouldn’t we want pristine, natural and quality food to power our life?

Choose your weeks now or call (800) 661 – 5161 to talk to us about how nutrition and your diet may be impacting your health. Find out ways that our one and two week programs can help improve nutrient balance in your body.

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