Improve Nutritional Education and Eating Patterns

When was the last time you reached for a cookie because your stomach was growling? Today’s modern lifestyle places more emphasis on food as a filler than as a key tool for personal wellness. Eating isn’t just about curbing hunger pangs – it’s about nourishing a healthy and active body. When your body has the right energy at the right time, you will not believe how well it performs! You’ll also look great and feel great too!

Our gourmet chefs will prepare individualized meals for your specific needs. They use quality organic, wild or local ingredients and create inventive dishes that are beautiful, delicious and will provide you with all the energy you need for hiking and fitness activities. Under the guidance of our registered dietician, you’ll never feel hungry but you will feel wonderfully energized.

Ancestral Focused Meal Program

Mountain Trek does not offer a “diet.” Instead we eat seasonal foods in the style of our ancestors to ensure we receive the most benefit from our nutrition.

Caffeine & Stimulant Free


During your time in the program your body is going to enjoy the very best ingredients. There are no processed foods, stimulants or toxins so your body can heal and strengthen.

Interactive Nutrition Class


You’ll experience and learn practical, evidence-based tips and strategies to create a diet that supports your personal nutrition needs and wellness.

Portion Controlled Food Pairing


Certain foods go better together and in certain quantities. Our staff will prepare individual meals and snacks that are perfect for your body and your goals for the week.

Nutrition Review

Changed my life for the better. I will never forget the motto "You are what you absorb".


Heather H - Camrose, AB

Nutrition Review

Discover that you can eat much less than most people usually do and still can hike, do yoga and a fitness class.


Inia765 - London, United Kingdom

A hands-on nutrition education awaits

Your education in good nutrition and eating practices begins before you arrive; as a caffiene- and alcohol-free program, we encourage you to scale back that consumption prior to arrival. Prepare for a culinary journey at Mountain Trek with our travel tools and program preparation tips.

Nutrition Tips & Health Advice

The meals at Mountain Trek are designed to balance blood sugars and the hormones insulin, Glucagon, Leptin and Grehlin, which will help raise and maintain an anabolic metabolism. We regularly publish videos and stories about how food impacts your overall well-being. Follow our latest blog posts on nutrition as well as trying our latest recipes yourself. Put our nutrition knowledge to work for you and your family.

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