Want someone else to take care of your daily schedule for a change?

Our all-inclusive retreat means we take care of everything. All you have to do is relax.

Want someone else to take care of your daily schedule for a change?

Our all-inclusive retreat means we take care of everything. All you have to do is relax.

Daily Program Schedule

The Mountain Trek Program offers a bootcamp-style schedule, but not regimen – you follow at the pace that is right for you. The staff are here to support your personal needs and goals, every step of the way.

Our Bootcamp-Style Schedule Explained

What does a typical day at Mountain Trek look like? The following is a basic outline of what to expect. We stick to a plan, but every day offers a new hiking location, lecture, activity and meals. While you will have your own time, most of your day is filled with fun fitness activities, delicious food, clean mountain air & outstanding views.

Have a look at the pdf of our 2015 weekly schedule (pdf) to get a better sense of what a week with us looks like.

Gentle Wake Up (6am)

If the song birds don’t wake you up first then we’ll gently tap on your door.

Break Your Fast (6:15am)

Nourish the body and ‘break the fast’ with a revitalizing tonic and protein shake in the dining room.

Sunrise Yoga (6:30am)

Greet the day with a gentle stretch yoga class while you watch the sun rise over the mountains.

Breakfast (7:30am)

Enjoy a nutritious & delicious breakfast in our scenic dining room overlooking Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains.

Morning Check In (8:00am)

Review the upcoming day with the guides and learn about the exciting hiking destination and upcoming weather.

Depart For Hike (8:30am)

A variety of world-class hiking trails await you after a short scenic drive in our four-wheel drive vehicles.


The Hiking

Each 4-hour hike is unique and we’ve picked the very best the area has to offer, taking full advantage of the local Provincial Parks and trails. Guests are divided into three to four fitness-based groups and led by experienced hiking guides trained in Wilderness First Aid. Lunch is eaten each day at a convenient spot along the trail – usually a scenic location such as a waterfall, alpine lake, meadow or glacier-fed river.

Picnic Lunch on Trail (12:30pm)

The chefs prepare all your snacks and your delicious and hearty lunch – exactly what you’re looking for in a fulfilling meal on the trail.

Return to Lodge (3:30pm)

Take time to shower or enjoy a hot tub soak, relax and enjoy the accomplishment of your hike.

Lifestyle Talks (4pm)

Our unique lectures will teach you things you never knew about fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep & detoxification.

Enjoy Dinner (5:15pm)

Our gourmet spa cuisine dinners are rich in colour and variety. Prepare to enjoy fresh, tasty, organic and very satisfying dishes.

Fitness Class (6:00pm)

Participate in a fun evening fitness class such as circuit training, spin class, strength training, cardio class and more.

Massage & Detox (7:00-10:00pm)

Relax with a massage & detox treatment in the spa or sauna. At our BC location you can also visit the natural mineral hot springs, just 5 minutes away.

A stress-free boot camp schedule is required

To help you meet and exceed your goals, the Mountain Trek program is structured so you are constantly moving when your body is ready for it and relaxed when you need to be. You will find within days that this schedule of activities feels right for you as your energy levels rise, hormones balance and your sleep becomes rejuevenating.

schedule review

It's a complete package to tune-up your body, emotions and mental health.


Gab E - Toronto, ON

*Results may vary per person

schedule review

The yoga, hiking, massages and healthy delicious meals were enough to exceed my expectations.


MisterDonair - Edmonton, AB

*Results may vary per person

schedule review

It's at once busy and relaxing, incredibly tough but also truly delicious. I almost don't want to give anything away.


Amy R - Toronto, ON

*Results may vary ...

Ready for lifestyle change?

Get into the schedule before you arrive

Preparing for a health and fitness retreat requires a small amount of effort. Besides doing the basics like packing and getting to the airport (those tools you'll find below), and adjusting your diet to help toxin release, you should also try to do one thing that we will do during the week: it could be getting up early, going for a hike, hitting the gym or simply doing some morning yoga. It will all help you adjust to the schedule and gain the most out of the Mountain Trek program.

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