Daily Program Schedule

Mountain Trek Program has a bootcamp-style schedule, but not regimen – you follow at the pace that is right for you. The staff are here to support your personal needs and goals, every step of the way.

Busy (but not stressful!!) schedule designed to create a complete focus on your body and soul. – Toronto, ON

Our Bootcamp-Style Schedule Explained

So, you’re wondering what a typical day or week at Mountain Trek looks like? The following is a basic outline of what to expect. We stick to a plan, but every day is a fresh hiking location, lecture, meal and activity. While you will have your own time, most of your day is filled with fun fitness activities, delicious food, clean mountain air and outstanding views.

Check out our weekly schedule (pdf) for 2014.

Gentle Wake up – (6am)

Morning Comes Early! Awaken with a gentle wake-up tap on the door.

Revitalizing Tonic and Protein Smoothie – (6:15am)

Nourish the Body and ‘break the fast’ with a ginger lemon tonic and protein shake in the dining room.

Sunrise Yoga – (6:30am)

Greet the day with yoga; a gentle stretch class specifically designed to support the program, while you watch the sunrise over the mountains.

Breakfast – (7:30am)

Nutritious, delicious, breakfast in our scenic dining room, overlooking stunning Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains.

Day’s Schedule – (8am)

Review the upcoming day with the guides, including the hike, level of difficulty, terrain, upcoming weather and clothing to bring.

Depart For Hike – (8:30am)

A variety of trailheads await you after a short scenic drive in one of the 4-wheel drive vehicles.

The Hiking

Each 4 hour hike is unique and we’ve picked the very best the area has to offer, taking full advantage of the local Provincial Parks and trails. Guests are divided into three to four fitness-based groups and led by experienced hiking guides trained in Wilderness first aid. Lunch is eaten each day at a convenient spot along the trail; a scenic location such as a waterfall, an alpine lake or meadow, a historic cabin, or a glacier fed river.

Picnic Lunch on Trail – (12:30pm)

The chefs prepare just what you are looking for when it comes to fulfilling meals on the trail.

Return to Lodge – (3:30pm)

Take time to shower, relax and enjoy the accomplishment of your hike.

Lifestyle Talks – (4pm)

Enjoy cutting edge seminars on fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep and detoxification.

Dinner – (5:15pm)

The light, spa cuisine dinners rich in colors and variety are fresh, tasty, and very satisfying.

Fitness Class – (6:00pm)

Participate in an evening fitness class such as circuit training, strength training, spin class, Cardio All Ball class, and more.

Massage & Detox – (7pm – 10pm)

Relax with a massage and detox treatment in the spa or sauna. In our BC location you can also visit the all natural mineral hot springs, just a stone’s throw away.

Bootcamp-Style Schedule Benefits and Program Options:


Organic, Wild & Natural spa Cuisine Caffeine and Stimulant Free Mineral Hot Springs Massages
Fitness Classes Reference Guide Spa & Sauna Cold Plunge Pool
Tonics & Teas Morning Yoga Daily Hikes All Inclusive Service
Gluten / Vegetarian etc. Meal Options Private Room & En-suite Airport pickup Daily Laundry
Lifestyle Classes Hydration unit Heart rate monitor Extra Services

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