Gourmet Food & Balanced Nutrition

Spa Cuisine Soup For Detox & Welness Healthy Nutritious Meals

Nutrition For Wellness.

At Mountain Trek we care about your wellness and vitality. Under the guidance of our registered dietician, our approach to food is clear and simple.

We believe in food, not diets.

We believe in fresh, organic, healthy, power-packed – and delicious – meals and snacks. You will wake up to a protein shake, enjoy a savory breakfast, eat snacks and a nutritious lunch on the trail, then relax at dinner over a satisfying gourmet entrée. Check out our sample daily menu.

At Mountain Trek, eating is about nourishing a healthy, active body. You don’t count calories; we take care of that for you.  Our talented chefs and kitchen staff have designed an inventive menu that, meal by meal, will provide you with all the energy you need for hiking and fitness activities while being the best foods for weight loss.

Our spa cuisine is:

  • freshly sourced
  • exquisitely prepared
  • beautifully presented

You will learn practical, evidence-based strategies to create a diet that supports nutrition and wellness. In the lively interactive nutrition class, you will learn how to choose the foods that promote health and vitality and support weight loss. With the knowledge of how what we eat (and don’t eat) affects our bodies, you can change the way you think about food and plan your meals. You’ll take everything you learn including healthy recipes for weight loss home with you in our Mountain Trek Handbook.

And you’ll take home a lot more than a new way of looking at food. You’ll take home a new life-changing attitude toward your body and how to nourish and energize it.

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