Weight Loss Retreat Program – Weight Loss Guaranteed

Weight Loss Program

Whether you’ve been carrying extra weight for a long time or whether it’s a recent issue; whether you’re working on those last stubborn 10 pounds or the first intimidating 50, our weight loss program works. We’ll jump-start your weight loss, bump you off that plateau, tune you up and put you firmly on the path to wellness.

Weight loss is the natural consequence of a healthy, vital lifestyle, a life lived in balance. You can start achieving that balance and losing that weight at Mountain Trek. – Program Director, Kirkland Shave

There are many weight loss retreats across the world but what makes Mountain Trek’s weight loss retreat program work is the extra support, services and mature staff who know how to take care of you to meet your goals, and a take-home plan specific to you, that allows you to continue your health and fitness goals in a realistic and sustainable way. Weight loss here at Mountain Trek is guaranteed.

Fat Burning Hikes in Nature

Daily Hikes in Nature

The 3-4 hours of hiking in the pristine nature not only burns calories but works to balance metabolic rates so you burn all the calories you take in, plus the stored ones as well.

Portion Controlled Spa Cuisine

Portion Controlled Spa Cuisine

Delicious, healthy food at the right time of day in the right amounts can do wonders for your energy levels, metabolism, weight, and even your mood.

Educational Talk on Weight Loss

Educational Talks

Learn why our society is overweight and what weight loss can do not only for your looks, but your overall outlook on life. Learn why you gained weight and the ways to keep it off after you go home.

Fitness Classes for Weight Loss

Fitness Classes

Our boot-camp style retreat includes gym time each night after dinner. Our fun and exciting spin, circuit and weight training will make all the difference in your meeting your goals for your perfect size.

Weight Loss Retreat Program Benefits & Features:

Women lose 4 – 6lbs Men lose 8 – 10 lbs Weight loss education
Raises Metabolic Levels 2 Staff for each guest 1 – 2 lbs per day fat loss

Book NowCarrying excess weight is not healthy, no matter what age you are. Take the preventative steps to learn how you can better manage your body and learn and enjoy a healthy weight loss retreat.

Choose your weeks now or call (800) 661 – 5161 to talk to us about how your weight may be impacting your health and find out ways that our one and two week weight loss retreat programs can help.

Weight Loss Retreat


Weight Loss Retreat Program
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