Too busy to look after your health?

Let us do it for you. Just one week will kickstart your vitality.

Too busy to look after your health?

Let us do it for you. Just one week will kickstart your vitality.

Weight loss retreat 7 & 14 day programs to improve health and reduce stress.

Wondering why it’s so hard to lose that muffin top? There are so many environmental and personal factors that contribute to our putting on pounds and it’s not enough to enroll in the latest fad diet or jog for half an hour every day to ensure weight loss. To successfully lose weight and keep it off you have to look at everything from your nutrition and fitness to your sleep habits and stress management. This may seem like a lot but Mountain Trek program can work for you.

There are many weight loss retreats across the world but what makes our weight loss retreat program work is the extra support, services and mature staff who know how to take care of you to meet your goals. We’ll also help create a take-home plan specific to you, that will allow you to continue your health and fitness goals in a realistic and sustainable way.

Daily Hikes in Nature


The 3-4 hours of hiking in the pristine nature works to balance metabolic rates so you not only do you burn the calories you take in, you can also burn off the stored ones as well.

Portion Controlled Spa Cuisine

Delicious, healthy food at the right time of day, in the right amounts, helps reduce weight while increasing energy levels, metabolism, and even your overall mood.

Educational Talks


Learn why our society is overweight and what weight loss can do not only for your looks, but your overall outlook on life. You’ll also learn how best to keep weight off after you go home.

Fitness Classes


Our boot-camp style retreat includes fun and exciting gym time each evening. The spin, circuit and weight training classes can help make the difference in terms of your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Retreat Program
Mountain Trek
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hike to lose weight reviews

The food is excellent. I was never hungry and lost weight and gained muscle mass.


Skiktched814 - Paradise Valley, AZ

*Results may vary per person

fat loss review

I left the resort as fit as I've been in years and with a framework for continuing my fitness journey at home.


Reston10 - Seattle, WA

*Results may vary per person

fat farm reviews

I've lost inches off my waist and the extra fat on my back and hips. When they say fat flush, they really mean it.


s9morrow - New York, NY

*Results may ...

Begin your weight loss retreat program experience today

You can begin burning fat and losing weight at home prior to a Mountain Trek retreat program experience. In our Welcome Package we provide a pre-visit plan so you get the most out of the program. Check out our tools below to help you plan your visit. We will see you soon!

Ready to lose fat?

Tips & Healthy Weight Management Advice

Whether you’re working on those last stubborn 10 pounds or the first intimidating 50, our health and fitness retreat program will help you reach your goals. You'll always be satisfied and you'll definitely feel energized and healthy during, and right after, the program. To jump-start your weight loss and maintain it after you're home, Mountain Trek regularly publishes articles and videos on our health blog. Read our latest weight loss posts and check out the recipes too.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga For Weight Loss

Many guests ask us why it is we do gentle yoga every morning before we head out hiking for the day. There are ...


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