24 Easy Ways to Fall into Fitness this Autumn

Woman Hiking in the Fall
Autumn has arrived and with it comes a visual treat with the turning of the leaves as well as cooler, invigorating weather. The chaos of the summer holiday has died down and it’s time to get back into a healthy, attentive routine, in which you and your health come first. Remember to get outside and enjoy fall’s fabulous climate.

And to help with your return to routine, here are our top tips for falling into an autumn exercise program.

1. Exercise right after meals

Burn off those calories you just ate and get some exposure to natural ions we need to get fit and stay healthy.

2. Drink lots of water

Consume enough water throughout the day and don’t eat when you’re dehydrated (your body will crave more to pull the water out of the food). Remember, indoor heating dries you out faster than AC.

3. Eat after you wake

Make sure you eat something nutritious within 30 minutes of waking up. It helps your body’s chemistry and metabolism adjust from fasting mode to active mode and will help burn calories more efficiently.

4. Walk Every Day

Go for a walk at a brisk pace each day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. This will aid in metabolic function.

5. Go Outside

Get outside as much as possible to take advantage of nature’s ionic therapy.

6. Keep it FUN!

You’ll be more likely to go, go, go if it’s fun, fun, fun!

Maintain wellness with an infrared sauna7. Do it for YOU first!

It’s not always easy to make “me time” but if you get enough exercise to increase your health and vitality, everyone benefits. (So yes, you’re really doing it for everyone!)

8. Maintain rituals

Rituals are important. Some people speed walk after every meal while others meditate and do yoga or pilates either alone or in groups. Pick something that you enjoy most and stick to it. Every day you must get some sort of exercise, preferably outdoors.

9. Bring friends

Walking, running, biking or hiking in groups can be incredibly motivational and help you stay on track (pun intended!)

10. Wear a light jacket when needed

Wearing something too heavy will make you get too hot too quick and you won’t move as fast to keep warm.

11. Update Your Fitness Wardrobe For Inspiration

From new sneakers to a bright-colored running jacket, updating your fitness attire can help inspire you to get up & get going this fall.

12. Make a Playlist

Put together a playlist, or subscribe to a station, that gets you pumped up and ready to move.

13. Visualize the outcome

Visualize the sun on your skin, or how good you’ll feel after your work-out, rather than the possible fatigue you’re feeling in the moment. Positive psychology can contribute to long-lasting peace, calm, connectedness, joy, and even longevity! Positive psychology is also beneficial to advance the well-being and optimal functioning in healthy people.

14. Movement that Fits your Mood

Choose an activity that relates to your mood that day. If you have a lot of pent up energy, head outside for a run; if you’re feeling tired and achy, focus on stretch and strength with a yoga class.

15. Hire a Personal Trainer

Whether a professional athlete, career professional, or a professional mom, we all need coaching to be our best. Not only is a personal trainer dedicated to you to help create a personalized routine for your body, but the scheduled commitment with them is an incentive to continue.

16. Attend an Active Health Retreat

To really get a healthy-kickstart to your fitness regime, attend a fitness health retreat. At Mountain Trek, we practice yoga, fitness, and hiking daily. Partnered with massages and spa time, this is a perfect pairing for your balanced health.

Woman in a bright red jacket

Staying Healthy As The Weather Changes

17. Get enough vitamin D

It’s been said that vitamin D deficiency is the cause of many diseases and as fall descends upon us, our skin gets covered by layers of clothing. So either expose some flesh or get a great supplement to make sure you’re not D-ficient!

18. Eat plenty of greens

Spinach, kale, romaine, red and green leafy lettuce are all great additions to your diet. They are rich in antioxidants, soluble fiber, and a plethora of other essentials like iron and more!

19. Make sure you’re consuming enough B vitamins

They relieve stress and help organs, like your heart, function properly. The veggies listed above have lots of B vitamins in them.

20. Vitamin C is a must

It helps keep your immune system balanced and ready to ward off any invaders.

21. Exercise regularly

It helps the body release toxins through sweating.

22. Avoid sugar

It acidifies the blood and creates the perfect conditions for bacteria and viruses to multiply and make you sick.

23. If the weather isn’t cooperating, hit the gym

Or visit an infrared or steam sauna in lieu of exercising outdoors. It’s not mother nature but it’ll do the trick.

24. Moderate, regular exercise has the best effect on the immune system

Be sure to include cardio, stretching, and weight training in your daily routines.

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