Hiking is a great way to improve your health, fitness and experience weight loss. Hiking can destress and detox you.

It’s Starting to Feel like Summer in the Mountains

I know, it’s only mid-April but when the weather throws me a high temperature, I begin to look at the Kootenay lake with anticipation. When can I go in for a swim? We have a long standing competition between the guides at Mountain Trek…who jumps into the water first? Brrrr….trust me, this water never truly warms up but gosh! does it invigorate your body, mind, and soul once you take the plunge. For those of you who have been here and done that, you know what I mean.

This kind of weather also turns up the desire to get outside, to simply be outside. Lucky I live here, in case you don’t know where the Kootenays are, that’s okay. It’s a piece of paradise nestled between a few mountain ranges, we kinda like to keep it a secret because once you visit you never want to leave. Our facebook page (Mountain Trek) has loads of photos as I can’t even find the words to describe the sheer beauty of this place. And did I mention that it looks like the spring is going to be awesome weather? I’m packing my backpack this weekend to go check out the trails we hike. And for those of you coming to MT, it’s sure to be some fine spring hiking. Just smell that skunk cabbage! (it’s one of the first wild flowers to show up in the spring here).

Spring Fever for Hiking

WomenHikingFryeCreekSpringtime is my most favorite season. Vitality bursts forth everywhere. As Kirk once said “Spring’s such a drama queen.” It’s so true. Everything in nature vies for your attention. Birds serenade you as dawn approaches. The trees are full of buds ready to explode with colour. And the sounds of the rivers, creeks, and waterfalls, what can I say? If I did say anything you couldn’t hear me anyways over the roar of the water. If you haven’t gone hiking in the spring, I highly encourage it. I’m looking forward to hiking the raw beauty of Fry Creek again. And what about Pilot Bay? The most zen of trails, maybe it’s because Kootenay Lake is never far from sight, holding a calm energy. Ah yes, spring fever is in the air.

The Skinny on Mountain Trek in Mexico

Mountain Trek in Mexico….. oh-so-nice! I don’t know where to start, or even harder, where to stop in my ravings of Mountain Trek at the Ranch:)

Kirk and I are here at Rancho La Puerta running a new Mountain Trek program. It’s a unique experience to dovetail our program inside another – one we’ve not had the pleasure of enjoying before. The usual routines of yoga, 4 1/2 hour daily hikes and an exercise class after dinner still exist, with some additions. Rancho La Puerta is so well-equiped with various gyms, therapists and renowned fitness instructors that guests can (and do) supplement their daily routines with up to 3 more hours of various classes of their own choosing. Everything from yoga to fitness to art classes are offered daily at great times.

And whilst the Ranch focuses on a la carte fitness classes, our style of hiking and our meal program are certainly new to then Ranch. The result has been as-ever exceptional weight loss, with our Mountain Trek group being reverred as the ‘hard-core’ hikers losing all the weight!

Stay tuned for more from down south………