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Mountain Trek featured in Canada’s Largest Newspaper

globeandmail mt imageMountain Trek  was featured on the front cover of the Travel section of The Globe and Mail, Canada’s largest national newspaper, this month:

“7 hours a day of  exercise…Welcome to your vacation.”

The Globe feature was written by Amy Rosen who found “bliss in a boot camp getaway.” She chronicled her experience in a diary-format and spoke of each day and what she ate, experienced, and witnessed from “halibut fish steaks with pineapple mango salsa” to “vibrant green old-growth forests.” This is an excerpt:

“Mountain Trek’s spa and fitness studio have floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the 100-kilometre Kootenay Lake. There are gardens and wildflowers, mountains and blue skies. Meals are local, organic, plated – and mostly delicious, enjoyed by guests around family-style tables. So that’s the good news. Back at my weigh-in, the excuses fly: “I’ve been travelling a lot, no time for exercise. It’s summertime … and those gin and tonics aren’t going to drink themselves!” Until, finally, acceptance: I’ve gained a few on the rump. Let’s. Do. This.”

Click here to read Amy’s entire article, and to experience a similar personal transformation to what she did, contact Mountain Trek and we’ll let you know about what program would best suit your needs.


Lotus Prawn Vermicelli

[b]Sauce:[/b][br]Tbs. almond butter[br]¼ tsp. toasted sesame oil[br]large clove garlic[br]¾ Tbs. dried ginger[br]½ Tbs. honey[br]Tbs. lightly packed cilantro[br]½ tsp. lime juice[br]¾ tsp. Chinese hot sauce – watch how hot this stuff is – (different brands)[br]Tbs. tamari[br]½ Tbs. miso[br]½ Tbs. rice wine vinegar[br]Water to thin[br]Blend until smooth, pour into sauce pan and warm gently. Pour over noodles, veggies and prawns and top with toppings.[br][br][br][b]Toppings[/b][br]Roasted Cashews chopped fine (1 tsp. per person)[br]Garnish with chopped fresh mint and cilantro[br]Finely chopped green onions[br][br][br][b]Portions:[/b][br][br] ¼ c. cooked bean thread & 1 ½ c. vegetables per person [br]Women – 4 prawns & 1 ½ Tbs. Sauce, Men – 5 prawns & 2 Tbs. Sauce