Adventure Trek

Historic Kumano Kodō Pilgrimage in Japan

Massage COntacts:

Massages will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. Please contact the hotels directly to book your services. Below are the dates and the contacts for the properties offering massage.

Week 1:

  • November 10 & 11:
  • November 12:
    • Buddhist Monastery 
    • No massage available
  • November  13 – 15:
    • Hotel Urashima
    • Phone: +81 735-52-1011
    • Fax: 0735-52-0275
  • November  16:

Week 2:

  • November 17 & 18: 
  • November 19:
    • Buddhist Monastery 
    • No massage available
  • November  20 – 22:
    • Hotel Urashima
    • Phone: +81 735-52-1011
    • Fax: 0735-52-0275
  • November 23:

Packing List:

Please note: one medium – large suitcase and day pack per person.

Daytime temperatures will be warm (16-20°C or 61-68°F) in the lowlands. On the higher passes you can expect it be cooler (8-14°C or 46-57°F). The evenings and nights will be cool to cold temperatures (4-12°C or 39-54°F). Historically there is not much precipitation in November in Japan, however we should plan for one day of rain or maybe more as it has been a strange weather year this year.

  • Passport
  • Prescribed medication
  • Hiking boots
  • Sandals
  • Running or tennis shoes
  • Bathing suit (if you have 2 pairs, bring both)
  • Your preferred clothes for gym work-outs, yoga & lounging
  • Hiking shorts and hiking pants, or zip-off combo (made of quick-dry material…cotton is unacceptable as it doesn’t dry quickly)
  • 1 short & 1 long sleeve shirt made of wicking material, ie: merino wool, polypropolyne, silk or capalene (not cotton).
  • 1 undershirt that wicks moisture (not cotton)
  • 1 top for warmth (pull over, or zippered, made of wool, fleece or soft shell material)
  • Rain jacket (highly breathable and waterproof material with a Gore-tex or similar wicking membrane)
  • Rain pants (same material as the rain jacket)
  • Vest, fleece or wool (optional)
  • 1 hat for warmth (wool or fleece) or earband
  • 1 hat for the sun (broad rim or ball cap) & 1 hat for rain (not necessary if rain jacket has a hood)
  • 1 pair of medium weight, water resistant gloves (eg: Gore-tex, soft shell, fleece laminate, etc.)
  • Socks for hiking made of wool or some sort of wicking material & socks for indoor activities
  • Underwear (preferably not cotton)
  • Pyjamas
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • One good book
  • If you wear eyeglasses, we suggest you bring an extra set in case of loss, breakage etc.

All guests are to bring their own 26-40 litre backpacks and Platypus 3L Bladders for hydration. Kirk will provide hiking poles, foot care & electrolytes for all guests. If you wish to bring your own hiking poles, please email us directly.

Airport Transportation:

Upon your arrival in Japan you will make your way to Osaka and to our first hotel. We are encouraging you to fly into the Kansai Airport (KIX) for ease, however transport from Tokyo is also an option, although maybe best suited for those with an adventurous spirit.

FROM OSAKA KANSAI AIRPORT:  After customs, ascend escalators to second level and follow signs over the road to the Nankai train line. This is very clear and well marked. The Nankai Express Train takes 44 minutes and is end to end right into the Nankai Namba station, which is at the base of the hotel. Follow the signs for three minutes to the hotel lobby.

FROM TOKYO NARITA AIRPORT:  From Narita Airport (NRT), you will want to take the Narita Express Train to Tokyo Train Station, then change to the Shinkansen Bullet Train to Osaka. This sounds complex but we can assure it is pretty straight forward. You will change to Midosuji subway to Namba and to the hotel.

FROM TOKYO HANEDA AIRPORT: From Haneda Airport (HND), you will take the trains go to Shinagawa Train Station. At Shinagaway Train Station you will change to the Shinkansen Bullet Train to Osaka. Once more you will change to Midosuji Subway to Namba and to the hotel.

Again, Kansai Airport is the preferred choice and we encourage you to book your travel direct to Osaka.

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