14 Ways To Pamper Yourself This Valentine’s Day

a pair of hands wearing red gloves making a heart shape in a winter scene

For some, February 14 is an opportunity to prove to your significant other just how much you love them. For others, Valentine’s Day is more of a manufactured holiday that’s about selling cards and chocolates. But we encourage you to celebrate your own self!

This year, we invite you to pamper yourself on February 14th and reinvigorate your love of you. In the past, we’ve talked about Self Soothing to Replace Emotional Eating and Christmas Holidays Gifts for Yourself. But we’ve never really touched on ways to offer loving gestures to yourself on Valentine’s Day. So, without further ado, here are fourteen ways to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day.

1. Take a bubble bath

Add some bath salts for a detoxing health benefit.

Take a bubble bath

2. Buy yourself a colorful plant or flowers

Proven to aid in relaxation and boost your mood.

a woman smelling a bouquet of lilac flowers

3. Take a walk outside and enjoy some outdoor foliage

Take yourself somewhere you’ve never been before, but have always wanted to check out.

a woman playing in the snow

4. Set aside time to read that good book or magazine

Find a quiet corner, or head somewhere you won’t be distracted for some uninterrupted “me-time”.

a woman on a couch reading a book

5. Write a letter to yourself describing the things you love about you

List and detail the things you love about yourself. This form of self-love can be a really powerful tool for promoting positive psychology

someone writing on a typewriter

6. Schedule a massage

Include lymphatic drainage massage to support the lymphatic system and natural detoxification.

close up of a foot massage

7. Enrol in a yoga, fitness, or any type of class that offers a subject you’re interested in

It’s no secret that when we learn or exercise, our body releases endorphins–the feel-good hormones. 

four people taking a yoga class at mountain trek

8. Detoxify your body

Toxins wreak havoc on our bodies by putting our cells and organs under stress. Learn how to detox daily, weekly, and annually, and put one of our suggestions to use on Valentine’s Day.

a woman detoxing in an infrared sauna

9. Eat your favorite meal

And enjoy every bite.

a man eating a salad

10. Take a nap

We don’t do this enough. Schedule some time in your day, put your phone on airplane mode, and shut your eyes. Try using a meditation app to help turn off your racing thoughts. 

a man taking a nap on a couch

11. Spend time with a puppy, kitten, or pet, whether it’s yours or someone else’s

Proven to reduce stress levels and blood pressure, petting an animal for 15-20 minutes can be so soothing. 

a french bulldog in a playful stance

12. Give yourself a facial, manicure, pedicure, or foot bath

Or, book yourself in for a spa day to really pamper yourself.

a pair of feet with fresh red nail polish and pedicure toe separators

13. Make a delicious meal just for you

We suggest it includes our Vegan Chocolate Mousse. Join us for a Supper Club dinner to cook alongside our classically-trained chef and certified nutritionist!

14. Book yourself a vacation

Or a stay-cation–like our Basecamp Retreat!

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