Mid-Year Check-In: 5 Wellness Questions To Ask Yourself


We’re almost halfway through 2017 — a natural time to check in with yourself on your fitness and wellness goals, whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution or even longer-term goals. Oftentimes at this midway point in the year, people find themselves disappointed with progress (or lack thereof), but these questions are designed to approach your wellness goals nonjudgmentally, so you can identify what it is you truly need to be whole and happy.

  • What has been working, and why?

If you’ve successfully made changes in your lifestyle, it’s important to note why those were successful: Did you invest time, or a specific tool? Did you have a support group along the way? Being aware of what has worked for you in the past will empower future decision-making. Consider adding to your health protocol arsenal, and download our Health Guide In Your Pocket app for delicious, nutritious spa cuisine recipes, learn about our pillars of vitality, set goals, and more!

  • What hasn’t been working, and what roadblocks have stood in your way?

Without judging yourself, consider what has been ineffective in your wellness goals, and start to contemplate why that might be. One of the most common roadblocks we observe is unrealistic expectation — far too often, we set ourselves up for disappointment by expecting the world or going cold-turkey. Even the smallest behavioral change can yield excellent results! Consider a more manageable goal structure: Click here for the Mountain Trek approach to habit building for wellness, where we break down a proven four-step approach to meaningfully achieving wellness.   

Need support in your habit-changing journey? Meet Dr. Josh Klapow, our health optimization coach who guides you — in real time via phone or video call — on the path to healthy, long-term behavioral change.

  • Do you achieve balance on a weekly basis?

Do you feel as though you juggle your family, career, friends, and personal growth well? It can often feel like balance is impossible, but we believe everyone is capable of achieving clarity — no matter how packed your schedule, no matter how incessant demands of you are. If you are looking for pathways to balance in your life, we recommend devoting a couple of minutes to mindfulness and meditation — click here for tips on getting started.

  • Do you feel connected to yourself, and your life’s purpose?

Life gets in the way our relationship with ourselves. While the relationship to the self strikes many people as a lower priority than caring for others, we whole-heartedly believe that you can’t fully take care of others until you’re taking care of yourself.

Part of taking care of yourself is honoring your life’s values and purpose: with time spent alone or in contemplation — even for just 5 minutes of journaling per day — you can gift yourself with clarity and sense of purpose.

  • Have you been kind to yourself?

This is perhaps the most important question of this group: so often, we deprioritize ourselves in service of our other responsibilities. If there’s one thing to take away from these questions, it’s that you deserve abundance: you deserve kindness, thoughtfulness, time, space and growth. One of the bravest things we do is decide to invest in ourselves.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for your intentions to make changes — whether it’s a body treatment, new workout clothes, massage, or tickets to an amazing event, incentives and rewards go a long way to motivate you to continue your health journey.

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