Check out the Press that Mountain Trek has been receiving in Magazines, Websites and in the News.

CNN features Mountain Trek

CNN travel

It seems the biggest of the big media corporations in the U.S. are taking an interest in Mountain Trek lately.

First there was Kirkland Shave’s presentation at Google headquarters in New York City  a month ago. In it the head guide at Mountain Trek spoke about the “Muffin Top” and how modern lifestyle plays a big factor in weight loss.

Then Atlanta-based CNN posted an article about how Mountain Trek is one of the best get-fit retreats in the Americas. In it, Kirkland is quoted as saying: “People are tired of sitting on the beach with a Mai Tai…A week without hearing a car can blow someone’s mind.”

Read more about Kirkland and the Mountain Trek experience on the CNN web site.












Hiking On BC Trail

People are tired of sitting on the beach with a Mai Tai.



Travel + Leisure Recommends Mountain Trek

travel escapeTravel + Escape has listed Mountain Trek with some esteemed company in its recent story “5 Wellness Getaways For Mind, Body and Soul.”

In the article Kat Tancock writes, “There are times when you just want a getaway that makes you feel good. Wellness retreats…are an excellent way to reboot mind, body and soul with the added convenience of not having to plan meals and activities. Here are five we’d be happy to call home for a week.”

She then goes on to list retreats in Maui, Mexico, New Zealand and, of course, Mountain Trek calling us a “combination spa, vacation and boot camp.”

To read the full article, log on to Travel + Escape.

Mountain Trek Reviewed on “Lisa Johnson Fitness”

lisajohnsonFitness expert Lisa Johnson visited Mountain Trek and summed up her experience in one word, “Wow.”

Lisa is a popular pilates and fitness icon in the United States and she’s been featured in The New York TimesGlamourFamily CircleThe Boston GlobeEntrepreneur, and on CBS News.

In her article Lisa comments on the fact the food is “delicious. Mouth-watering soups, savory dishes; I’m so glad they give you a cookbook of all their recipes so I can make a bunch at home.  The day we had Bliss Balls (these almond butter concoctions) I was in heaven.”

She goes on to list the benefits of her stay:

  • The scenery is spectacular
  • The level of sweat is spectacular
  • I surprised myself with my strength
  • I surprised myself by not being as healthy as I thought I was
  • I came away with a new mindset
  • I finally broke through a weight plateau
  • I lost five pounds of just fat! I gained 0.6 pounds of muscle
  • I can’t wait for the rest of my life!

Click here To read Lisa’s entire article entitled, “Mountain Trek: A Posh Bootcamp.

Best Get Fit Retreats In and Around The US

Hiking On BC Trail

People are tired of sitting on the beach with a Mai Tai.

Executive Travel magazine chooses Mountain Trek as one of the best get-fit retreats in and around the USA.  Along with Mountain Trek in British Columbia; Miraval in Tuscon, AZ, Kalon Surf School in Costa Rica, Maya Tulum in Mexico, Red Mountain Resort in Utah and The BodyHoliday in St. Lucia were also named.

Guests to Mountain Trek are not only getting more fit after a week  but the escape from the concrete jungle has incredible restorative abilities for the mind too.

People are tired of sitting on the beach with a Mai Tai,” says Kirkland Shave, program director at Mountain Trek Health, Fitness & Weight Loss Retreat. He sees more and more business travelers using their time off to do something healthy—like hiking trails in the awe-inspiring mountains of British Columbia. While part of what retreat guests love about the Mountain Trek experience is their shrinking waistlines, Shave says the restorative power of nature is equally powerful. “A week without hearing a car,” he says, “can blow someone’s mind.”

Executive Travel Magazine Writer – Caitlin Drexler

Read more about what Caitlin has to say in the article posted on Executive Travel Magazine or on Huffington Post.

It’s More than Just Transformation

Deborah Stone joined us for a week of health and fitness last summer. As with most of our reviews, transformation is the key idea, as she experienced the quick shift into health and renewed vitality .

It's all About Transformation

It’s all About Transformation

She also describes the daily rhythm of exercise, delicious meals, reflection and learning; what’s unique about her review is this:

I believe the setting and situation removes barriers, allowing individuals to open up more readily. The hikes, though sometimes arduous, were always rewarding because of the scenery, the companionship and the sense of accomplishment that participants felt upon completion.”

This quality of connection is something we notice with each group; by sharing challenge, introspection and success, a real bond forms among guests. Each person arrives with their own goals and starting point, and each person is supported to achieve their best.

Read her review to get the full picture.

Spas of America Lists Best Canadian Spas


Top 50 Canadian Spas

Top 50 Canadian Spas


We’re pleased to announce that Mountain Trek was one of the Top 50 Spas in Canada for 2012, as rated by Spas of America, an online spa and retreat finder.

“Spas offering escape, rejuvenation and wellness in beautiful outdoor settings continue to prove popular with spa consumers,” says Spas of America, Relationship Manager, Dagmar White.

Well, we’re happy to offer all of these, and there’s no shortage of beautiful outdoor settings in our neighbourhood. We’re honoured to be in such strong company.

Passport Magazine – The Fitness Vacation

Paul Horne on the Kokanee Hike at Mountain Trek last summer.

Paul Horne on the Kokanee Hike at Mountain Trek last summer.


Passport men’s magazine has featured Mountain Trek as part of its Fitness Vacation article in the February 2013 issue. In visits to 5 of the top fitness retreat spas in North America, Paul Horne joined us for a week long ReBoot; here’s an excerpt from his article:

This assignment is one I had wanted to do for years: visit the hottest fitness “boot camps” and share my experience with Passport readers. I was determined to find out if a single week was enough time to significantly impact one’s overall health.

Over the summer Paul lost a total of 25 lbs, so his mission was a success. Way to go Paul!




Passport Magazine 7-Days-to-a-Better-Body Introduction

7-Days-to-a-Better-Body Introduction

Paul's review of Mountain Trek.

Paul’s review of Mountain Trek.



I did finally reach that cabin on the peak, where the exhilaration of the experience was matched by literally the best 360-degree view I’d ever seen. I believe my exact words were “Who needs Switzerland?”



Gear Patrol – Gifts for Guys

Mountain Trek’s Adventure to Machu Picchu was the culminating gift in this 2012 Gift Guide for men by Gear Patrol.

The Athlete – Gear Patrol Gift Guide

Gear Patrol Annual Gift Guide for Guys

Gear Patrol Annual Gift Guide for Guys

The fitness fanatic is the man that puts in a quick 5K before the rest of us have even tossed the beans in the burr grinder. His body fat is measured in fractions, and biceps in feet. His dinner conversations involve things like basal metabolic rate; his pecs flex, noticeably, when he passes the pepper. He has endless amounts of energy, a good work ethic, and an army of free weights hidden in his office.

He might be your best friend, or brother, or both. He may even be the man you want to become, or your better (slimmer) half. One thing is certain, though: trying to track down a gift that will release the right amount of endorphins can be as exhausting as training for an Ironman…

Peru Mountain Fitness Trek

You could reward your exercise efforts with a trip to the sun and sand, but the included mojitos and muy grande meals will lay waste(line) to all of your hard work. The Peruvian Mountain Fitness Trek is an eleven night hiking hiatus designed for fitness fanatics of all levels. Led by Mountain Trek’s head honcho, groups are small and broken out into equally paced pairings. Beginning in Cusco and touring through the Sacred Valley, the trek ascends the Andes via the Inca trail into the history and mystery that is Machu Picchu. A gift that truly embodies the spirit of adventure, this is an experience that should be on every man’s list. Just don’t forget your camera.

Check out the full article for more gift ideas.

Abandon the Heels for a Heath Spa Vacation

Enjoy Cynthia Dial’s blog about her spa health vacation experience at Mountain Trek last summer…

Full disclosure:  I was a daily walker, not a hiker.

Cynthia Dial Alpine LakeGive me a pair of Jimmy Choo’s with 4 ½ inch heels and the directive to cross Manhattan’s Midtown and consider it done.  But put me in a pair of hiking boots and I’m out of my element… would I be able to keep up, or would I be the “one” out of her league?

The bottom line is I needed a tune-up and was ready to graduate from morning walker to all-day hiker.  However, a statement on the spa’s site sealed the deal: “If you can climb four flights of stairs without stopping and walk on undulating ground for a minimum of two hours, you can do this program.” Sold.

Here, my friends, are the details…