Strength Training: Burn Calories 24/7


In our fast-paced, quick-fix, modern-day society we’re regularly promised gadgets, pills, and diets that will “burn calories 24 hours a day.” Unfortunately, no external thing or stimuli can deliver on such a promise. The good news is we all have a natural way to increase metabolism and burn more calories – muscle! Building muscle in our bodies has many benefits, one of which is burning more calories in a resting state. 

In addition to cardio activities and calorie-controlled nutrition, a key component of the Mountain Trek program is strength training. In other words, weight lifting. That’s because we’re trying to get all our guests to continue to burn calories after they leave the program and one of the best ways to do that is to build muscle.

Having more muscle is your greatest ally for burning fat

Muscle is anabolic and requires energy 24/7. In fact, one pound of muscle burns 6 calories per day just resting, compared to fat which burns 2 calories per day. So muscle is 3 times more metabolically active than fat! A loss of 20 pounds of muscle due to atrophy means we’ll store more calories on our thighs and belly.

Also, because muscle is five times more dense than fat, it takes up less space on your body than fat. Fortunately, that means you can gain muscle yet shrink in size while looking more toned.

If you’re not burning fat at a rate you want to see, or are not feeling as strong as you once did, incorporating weight training is likely your solution. Only doing cardio exercises means your body is missing out, so consider picking up some weights for some strength training, or go to your local gym to take advantage of their equipment! 

3 Easy Steps to Build Muscle

Step 1: Lift, push, pull

Start lifting, pushing, or pulling your body or weights to momentary muscular failure or “MMF”. Perform this three times a week, giving a 48-hour rest/recovery period in between working out that muscle group. You can use gym equipment, free weights, plastic weights, your body weight (think push-ups or dips), or even soup cans to act as resistance.

Step 2: Momentary Muscular Failure

Pick a weight that is difficult and intense to push, pull, or lift, and that max’s your ability (MMF) somewhere between 8 and 12 repetitions. If using your own body weight do as many repetitions it takes till you can’t do another!

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat each exercise twice. Eventually, you can add a third set or increase the weight/resistance until 12 repetitions can be easily done on your second or third set. Then, increase the weight. 

This formula will inflame your muscle cells, signaling the Human Growth Hormone, DHEA, and other hormones to replace the smaller, atrophied muscle cells with larger and stronger cells. This reverses the effects of a catabolic metabolism, allowing us to maintain an anabolic, growth-centered body well into your eighties. So get out there and get lifting if you want to burn calories 24 hours a day!

What is Mountain Trek?

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