Get Tips and Advice from the guides at Mountain Trek. Nutrition, Hiking, Sleep, Detox and Fitness are just some of the topics we cover.

What I Learned at Mountain Trek

At Mountain Trek, it’s a pleasure to hear back from our guests. Keith was with us this spring and has penned his personal experience the two weeks he hiked, exercised hard,  detoxed, learned, and enjoyed the camaraderie his fellow trekkers.

Integrative Medicine Goes Mainstream

Integrative medicine, commonly known as alternative or holistic medicine is now considered mainstream. For this I’m grateful as being an advocate of natural medicine for close to 20 years, I’m no longer considered a “hippie”. Also, with health care on the top of everyone’s mind these days, integrative medicine puts health care squarely on the shoulders of those responsible…us. Integrative medicine sees the body as a mind/body/spirit connection, not just in physical terms. Elements of it can be as simple but powerful such as diet, exercise, and stress management. Seems simple to some of us but for others it can be scary. However, taking responsibility for our health is necessary when you consider that up to 70% of all diseases are preventable. Can you imagine the reduction in health care if the majority of us adopted lifestyle habits that included eating well, exercising, and stress management. Pretty powerful stuff.

Integrative or alternative medicine opens doors for us to explore the benefits of certain foods to eat (ie. fish for omega 3 fatty acids, or blueberries for antioxidant benefits), exercise not only helps us stay fit but helps detox the body, and meditation is a yogi’s best friend and truly one of the simplest and best ways to manage stress. It’s not considered “out there” anymore to adopt these principles as lifestyle choices. And I can seek the advice of other trained health professionals such as acupuncturists, naturopaths, and other qualified individuals who are trained in ways medical doctors aren’t. Just a different approach to health and wellness I can access.

What prompted me to write about integrative medicine is I heard a publication was to be inserted into the Wall Street Journal as a reference to integrative medicine. I’m still looking for it (if any of you New Yorkers out there see it, please send a copy to MT)  I applaud any and all efforts for people to educate themselves on how they can take care of their own health and wellness.

Ecstatic Energy from Reaching a Goal. Now That’s Vitality

everest base camp

In March, eight Mountain Trek Alumni, with Program Director Kirk Shave and iTrekNepal’s intrepid Sherpa guides embarked on a “bucket list” adventure to Everest Base Camp.

Despite weather delays, the group used teamwork to create a bond of support, propelling them from 9000′ to over 17000′ and back down to 13000′ in just 9 days. Views of world famous peaks, glaciers, and rivers mixed with rich Buddhist Sherpa culture, made for a once in a life time adventure. Mountain Trek’s week long, hiking based, fitness program allows guests to kick start their return to an active lifestyle, making dreams like this a reality.


Tales from The Ranch

This past November I had the pleasure of leading the Mountain Trek Program with Jeff at Rancho La Puerta in the sunny Baja. Let me sum it up: it’s hard to be motivated to “move” here in the cold, dark, north! 

If you’re thinking of joining our upcoming Winter Program at Rancho La Puerta, here’s a taste of what you’ll experience…

Imagine waking up to bird song and walking along a cobble stone path from your cozy casita to catch sunrise Yoga. The smell of blooming lavender is in the air, quail and rabbits scurry through the gardens.  After breakfast you begin your four hour hike (with no driving) through enormous wind sculptured boulder art. The warm sun on your skin, a welcome change from the cold winter back home. You’ll refuel with a delicious,organic salad with vegetables grown in the garden and local, fresh caught prawns.
Next it’s time to choose from an amazing selection of classes, like a knee friendly, water aerobics class in the outdoor pool, or a postural alignment class. With 2-3 hours of different class choices daily, there’s something for everyone!  After a vitality packed dinner you finish your day of “moving” with a salsa, spin, Nia, or circuit class.
If you like moving your body in the sun (in the winter!) I highly recommend spending one or two weeks at Rancho La Puerta from January 29 – February 5, and February 5 – February 12. More info check out the Rates & Dates page.

Why Mountain Trek loves Rancho La Puerta

It’s exciting for us at Mountain Trek to be able to set up our hiking weight loss program at the oldest fitness and health spa in North America, Rancho La Puerta. It’s the best of both worlds. For many of our guests who make decisions day in and day out, it’s a welcome break to drop into our program which is highly structured- the reason we call it a boot camp. We make the decisions for you.

It’s a pretty tight schedule. The beauty about coming to RLP is to take advantage of what they shine at – fitness classes.  With five gyms and three pools,  it’s more than fitness- it’s about discovering how good it feels to move our bodies.  That’s why we are setting up base camp there for the second year. Plus we found out the last two years when we were in North Carolina during US Thanksgiving (we were full both years), that people were looking to spend the holidays in a different way. A more active, healthy way. It’s another reason to find us at RLP, we want to offer an opportunity to start a new trend for the holidays, become a fat burner, not a fat storer.

That way when the annual writing of  New Year’s resolution rolls around, “eat better and exercise more” are already well under way.

Where do you get your Vitality?

At the top of mountain peaks, near fast flowing rivers, in spectacular forest setting, or simply sitting near a lake listening to the birds sing to the light. These are a few things of my favorite ways of increasing my vitality from as a guide at Mountain Trek. I can appreciate that our guests come for kick start to their metabolism, to lose some excess weight, and no doubt we are the weight loss program that does just that. But, I’m thrilled when I hear our guests while hiking on the trails, stop suddenly to take in the beauty that surrounds them, to remark on how good they feel simply by being in the outdoors, how more balanced they feel and how alive they have become. It’s about connecting to the life force energy that surrounds us, that essence called vitality.

Where do you find yours?

Hot news straight from the hills of Rancho La Puerta

Kirk here. I’ve been hiking in the Chaparral country of Baja California which is the area surrounding Ranch La Puerta, the next base camp of MT. In all my guiding and hiking experiences, I find this area uniquely spectacular. My senses have been stimulated … seeing eon eroded boulder sculptures, touching and feeling the yucca and eucalyptus plants, listening to the beckoning birdsong while I hike and enjoying the feel of a cool breeze. This is nice.

On the look out for undulating trails and good elevation gains suited for the MT program (one of the reasons I was here), I’m happy to report that there is plenty of opportunity to get one’s heart rate in that sweet spot! Ahh…just what we want, great hiking, great fat burning, and a place to completely destress.

And I can’t say enough about the facilities, simply first rate! And the food, I’m looking forward to how Jeff (our dietician/guide) and the kitchen here at Rancho La Puerta recreate our delicious spa cuisine. They have their own organic farm and support the local farms which one of the beauties of this particular spa…local and organic food.

Mountain Trek…Baja/Mexico style…hope to see you there in February!

Kirk out.

(Kirk – MT’s program director/guide)

The Call of the Carolinas

The colors of summer flowers and weather continue to please us in the month of September here at Mountain Trek, British Columbia. It is the beginning of our Indian summer. Fall feels distant in the warm air.

Fall arrives for us when we gather our gear and head back for another Mountain Trek adventure in North Carolina where we are open from November 7th to December 5. Near the hot springs, come and enjoy amazing vistas, the fabulous Mountain Trek cuisine, and great weight loss results. Our base camp once again, is Bent Creek Lodge, a Bed and Breakfast nestled away on 8 acres of forest, just 15 minutes outside Asheville.

It’s the same high intensity hiking program with a maximum of 10 guests to ensure you get the personalized attention you’ve come to expect at Mountain Trek. Multiple flights arrive daily from all major centers to the Asheville airport a mere twenty minute drive from Bent Creek. Check out North Carolina for more info.

It’s Still Summer Edition

And the Winner is…

Congratulations to Terese Vekteris! She’s the winner of our “Enter To Trek” contest. This fall she will find herself hiking up the beautiful mountains of British Columbia and enjoying the delicious spa cuisine Mountain Trek is famous for. Thanks to all who participated in the contest and are now Facebook fans of FitPath at Mountain Trek. And for those of you not yet on Facebook, become a fan and keep up to date on news about Mountain Trek and an opportunity to connect with other “alumni” in your area. Thanks again for playing!