Spain Camino

Spain 2017: Mountain Trek's Alumni Adventure Trek

Adventure Trek in Spain

Join Mountain Trek In 2017 to explore the legendary Camino de la Plata pilgrimage in the southwest of Spain. This Camino follows an ancient Roman trade route and is a wonderful opportunity to not only see and walk through some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes in Spain, but to also see some of the most historically emblematic towns and villages in Europe. You will have the chance to experience no less than four UNESCO world heritage sites including Merida, Cáceres, Salamanca and Santiago de Compostela, as well as Roman ruins, medieval castles, renaissance palaces and cathedrals. This will be a unique chance to encounter the combination of spiritual, historical and cultural side of Spain; from the exotic South to the cool and lush North.

Become a Modern Day Pilgrim

This 13-day/14-night trek starts in the beautifully vibrant city of Seville and follows different stages of the Camino through national parks and landscapes that give us a real feel for the traditional. This is one of the longest Caminos in Spain (it’s about 1,000 kilometres long) but during this two-week period we will walk about 200 kilometres of it and will cater the speed to your needs so you’ll never feel left behind. We’ll follow red-earth pathways over hilly countrysides and past pine and eucalyptus forests and pastures filled with spring flowers, vineyards and olive trees. We will be broken into fitness hiking groups, this tour is suited for intermediate to advanced fitness hikers. Distances will vary from 15 to 20 kilometres, and we’ll allow enough time to visit the sites in the historical towns and cities where we’ll be staying. Some sites include:

  • Sevilla: this city is the birthplace of Flamenco
  • Zafra: we’ll see a castle built in 1030
  • Merida: witness well-preserved Roman ruins such as the Arch of Trojan and the temple of Diana
  • Salamanca: home to the famous university built by King Alfonso IX
  • Puebla de Sanabria: a town dating back to the year 509
  • Santiago de Compostela: It’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Aside from these historic and culturally rich sites we’ll also enjoy Spanish food and wine, Easter celebrations and we’ll dance some Flamenco of course!

Enjoy Our Luxury Trek

All hotels along the journey are rated 4 or 5 star and some will have spa facilities and the possibilities of booking a massage or beauty treatment. There is also a variety of styles of hotel we’ll be staying in from country houses and converted convents to palaces and castles! Our final destination is the magnificent Parador of Santiago de Compostela positioned on the Cathedral square.

Alumni Adventure Trek - Spain 2017!