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Lake Kootenay as captured in the film “Snow Falling on Cedars”

Released in 1999, the Academy-Award nominated film “Snow Falling on Cedars” featured stunning exterior shots of what was supposed to be the fictional island, San Piedro Island, in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. Little did many know that the film’s shots on the water were captured at our very own Lake Kootenay. Take […]

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Mountain Trek Alumni Story: Sid from D.C.

  Welcome to Mountain Trek Alumni Stories, our newest blog feature! Each month, we’ll sit down with a Mountain Trek Alumni to find out what they love about the program, what it’s done for their lives, and what keeps them coming back. Mountain Trek is a truly special place — but don’t take it from […]

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What You’ll See Throughout The Seasons Hiking In British Columbia

At Mountain Trek, we spend the bulk of each day outside, immersing ourselves in the unbelievably pristine mountains and lakes, and reveling in Mother Nature’s seasonal splendor. Our British Columbia program runs late April through late October and depending on which season you choose to join us, you’ll see slightly different sides of our beloved […]

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Skewered Greek Chicken on Portobello Mushrooms with Artichokes

Skewered Chicken on Portobellos_16X9

This chicken dish would normally work well with potatoes but here we’ve reduced the starch by including tasty artichokes instead. There’s no doubt it’s an earthy meal so we suggest pairing it with a Greek salad to lighten things up and give color. Serves 4 Chicken Breasts – 16-20 ounces free-run chicken Marinade 2 tablespoons […]

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Engaging Your Core For Fitness


As the name suggests, our core is integral to every movement we make. It's a complex series of muscles that extend well beyond your abs and include everything except for your arms and legs. In this article, and in the video below, Mountain Trek's fitness director Cathy Grierson talks about how to engage your core […]

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Dr. Josh on How To Eat Smarter & Lose Weight


Mountain Trek recently started offering Lifestyle Performance Coaching via clinical physcologist Dr. Joshua Klapow, who's also an alumni of the program. It seems the good doctor is also adept at explaining matters of nutrition as well given an article that has appeared on In it, Dr. Josh is asked to explain how to eat […]

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