Daily Program Schedule

Is Mountain Trek Right For You?

The Mountain Trek Program has been designed and delivered over the past 16 years to help guests reclaim their functional fitness and natural health. This is done by carefully sharing and implementing scientific patterns that raise one's metabolism by balancing key hormones. To that end, the program is fully scheduled (see below) and has some key inclusions and exclusions for the 6-day immersion.


What Our Program Schedule Accomplishes

  • Lowering the stress hormone Cortisol, by removing caffeine and limiting device use to private bedrooms
  • Raising the sleep hormone Melatonin by powering off WiFi between 10pm-6am
  • Raising human growth hormones via strength training classes 3 times per week
  • Raising cardiovascular fitness levels by Nordic Fitness Trekking 3-4 hrs daily and participating in a variety of evening fitness classes (for fat-burning oportunities)
  • Supporting the elimination organs by removing inflammatory foods such as sugar, alcohol, starch and processed food
  • Plus: improved fitness, weight loss, stress reduction, improved sleeps and toxin elimination 

Thousands of guests have realized the benefits of giving their body and mind a break from their day-to-day lifestyle. And they've also found their own choices within the program to participate at the level and intensity that supports their unique goals. Please phone (1-800-661-5161) Michelle or Mia to see how the MT Program can be adjusted to meet your own needs.

Our Bootcamp-Style Schedule Explained

What does a typical day at Mountain Trek look like? The following is a basic outline of what to expect. We stick to a plan, but every day offers a new hiking location, lecture, activity and meals. While you will have your own time, most of your day is filled with fun fitness activities, delicious spa cuisine, clean mountain air & outstanding views. 

Gentle Wake Up (6am)

If the song birds don't wake you up first then we'll gently tap on your door.

Break Your Fast (6:15am)

Nourish the body and ‘break the fast’ with a revitalizing tonic and protein shake in the dining room.

Sunrise Yoga (6:30am)

Greet the day with a gentle yoga stretch class while you watch the sun rise over the mountains.

Breakfast (7:30am)

Enjoy a nutritious & delicious breakfast in our scenic dining room overlooking Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains.

Check In (8:00am)

Review the upcoming day with the guides and learn about the exciting hiking destination and upcoming weather.

Depart For Hike (8:30am)

A variety of world-class Nordic Fitness Trekking trails awaits you after a short scenic drive in our four-wheel drive vehicles.

Nordic Fitness Trekking

The Hiking – Nordic Fitness Trekking

Each 3-4 hour fitness hike is unique and we’ve picked the very best the area has to offer, taking full advantage of the local Provincial Parks and trails. Guests are divided into three to four fitness-based groups and led by experienced hiking guides trained in Wilderness First Aid. Lunch is eaten each day at a convenient spot along the trail – usually a scenic location such as a waterfall, alpine lake, meadow or glacier-fed river.

Picnic Lunch on Trail (12:30pm)

The chefs prepare all your snacks and your delicious and hearty lunch – exactly what you're looking for in a fulfilling meal on the trail.

Return to Lodge (3:30pm)

Take time to shower or enjoy a hot tub soak, relax and enjoy the accomplishment of your hike.

Lifestyle Talks (4pm)

Our unique lectures will teach you things you never knew about fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep & detoxification

Enjoy Dinner (5:15pm)

Our gourmet spa cuisine dinners are rich in colour and variety. Prepare to enjoy fresh, tasty, organic and very satisfying dishes.

Fitness Class (6:00pm)

Participate in a fun evening fitness class such as circuit training, spin class, strength training, cardio class and more.

Massage & Detox (7:00pm+)

Relax with a massage & detox treatment in the spa or sauna. At our BC location you can also visit the natural mineral hot springs, just 5 minutes away.