The Mountain Trek Program

Imagine an all-inclusive luxurious health and wellness retreat that not only takes care of your every need but also ensures you lose weight and improve your fitness. At Mountain Trek it's easy to reverse the effects of aging and feel vitality again. You're going to relax fully and deeply, reduce your stress, reset your metabolism, and overcome a weight loss plateau.

Spend a week or two at our beautiful Nelson, British Columbia lodge or with our program instructors in Baja California, Mexico and receive the individualized attention you deserve. Both locations are nestled in the pristine mountains allowing you to retreat for your busy urban lifestyle and truly reconnect with yourself and with nature. Our all-inclusive program, which runs from Saturday to Saturday, hosts small groups (maximum of 16 guests) and with our experienced, caring staff, you'll be well taken care of. You'll have nothing to worry about at all except enjoying your retreat!


Ready to overcome that 20 pound plateau?


Confused about nutrition choices?


Need to disconnect from your stress?


Looking for energy at the office?


Want to cleanse away your lifestyle choices?

Weight Loss

Need help reclaiming your athletic self?