Mountain Trek Health Talks


Life doesn’t come with a manual but our lifestyle health talks come close. They cover the basics of wellness and give you the latest scientific and societal learnings so you can make the best health and preventative decisions possible.


Health & Lifestyle Talks

Each afternoon and some mornings, our program director or one of our facilitators will lead informal talks on a variety of subjects that directly relate to the program experience. The insight provided will help you understand the inter-related nature of all facets of wellness, thereby achieving your health goals. The topics are based on the latest scientific information, years of clinical experience as well as everything our in-house experts have learned over the past decade.


Explore your individual needs and stressors. Find ways to break the stress cycle and balance your needs for vitality.


Learn from our enthusiastic nutritionist about meal timings, composition, nutritional support and the root cause of the muffin top.


We explore the metabolic phases and some of the actions we can engage in to boost our metabolic rate while balancing our hormones.


Learn how sleep works on a natural and scientific level. Supporting your sleep cycle with healthful tips for insomnia, snoring, and other sleep related issues.


Get the formulas to switch your metabolism and start burning fat. Understand the importance of strength training and stretching in your fitness goals.


Releasing toxins and keeping them out is important for long-term wellness. Learn how your body detoxes and get tips for ongoing toxin release.

Goal Setting

Start a fitness journal or make an exercise log to keep you on track. Achieve what you set out to do with take-home goals.

Will Power

Learn about the importance of believing in what you do. These one-on-one sessions will provide lifestyle guidance and help you take the next step.


Learn how to take the success of your Mountain Trek retreat home, with a realistic take-home plan that ensures long-term success.