If there’s an extra service you’d like, it's yours to order – after all, this is your retreat. Extra massages, nutritional consultations, private yoga classes and more are all available from our on-site experts.

A more personalized experience is available to you. One-on-one nutritional consultations, private yoga lessons, extra massages and more can be added to your program, making your retreat everything you want it to be.

CHEK Postural Realignment with the Mountain Trek Team Kinesiologist- $300

Reduce and prevent pain from old and new injuries through correcting your posture. A 1 hour assessment on core function, muscle strength and tightness, spinal curvature and posture on the plumb line, detecting where your muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions are. This is followed by an individualized 1 hour training session including corrective exercises and stretches. Leaving you with a program tailored specifically to realign and correct your posture.

CHEK Assessment

Reduce and prevent pain from old and new injuries through correcting your posture. Take home a custom plan specifically tailored to realign and correct your posture.

Nutrition Consultation

Learn and review your dietary needs and make a take home culinary plan with our on site Nutritionist.

Counseling Services

Whether you're working through a life transition, stress, trauma, grief or an addiction our professional on-site counsellor can help.

Private Yoga Class

Take an hour for a personalized class where you will learn specific poses for your needs.

Extra Massage

Who wouldn't like to relax a little deeper? In addition to your massages included in the program, a variety of massage types are available to you.

Shared Yoga Class

Enjoy an hour-long class with just you and a partner, spouse or friend in which you'll learn poses for your individualized requirements.