Overall health and wellness doesn’t come by following the latest diet or health fad. It’s about how you live your life on a day-to-day basis and the kind of daily choices you make. We believe that health and vitality are achieved through habit formation. This means taking small steps on a day-to-day basis that ultimately lead to big changes. Kirkland Shave, Program Director  

The Wellness Formula

Actions repeated regularly over time = habits.

Accumulated habits = lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes = wellness goals.

Step 1: Identify wellness goals

What are your wellness goals? Weight loss? Improved fitness? Detoxification? Deeper sleep? Decreased stress? Pick one (or more) and list them in order of importance.

Step 2: Choose health action

For each of your wellness goal, identify a series of health actions tied to that goal. For example, for weight loss, this might be to go on a 30 minute walk after dinner or to attend a 45 minute cardio class.

Step 3: Set weekly target

Now, decide how many times per week you are going to do this action. Start small and increase! We recommend setting a target of a maximum of 5 days to allow yourself a break every now and then.

Step 4: Monitor progress & adjust

Keep track of your progress (we recommend the Mountain Track Health & Habit Building App). If you notice you are having trouble achieving your goals, adjust them or change your health action.