Explore The Amalfi Coast with Mountain Trek

There are only 15 landscapes in all of Europe stunning and impressive enough to be listed by the UNESCO World Heritage Organization as “cultural landscapes.” The Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy is arguably the most beautiful on this list, with its terraced lemon gardens, multi-hued houses clinging to steep cliffs, centuries-old cathedrals, and epic views of the warm Tyrrhenian Sea. The coastline is also home to an enormous variety of walking experiences, from meandering cobblestone lanes through terraced olive and lemon groves to rugged pathways in pine forests. This is an ancient land where residents live a healthful lifestyle that includes daily strolls, delicious fresh seafood, and relaxing moments in the sunshine. It is a place where you can’t help but marvel at the vistas while looking inward at your own lifestyle and what makes you happy.

This April, Mountain Trek alumni will have the unique opportunity to trek through this amazing land. Learn more below.

You owe it to yourself to trek the Amalfi. Join us.

Trip Information

  • 7 day all-inclusive luxury hiking vacation.
  • Visit Ravello, the pristine coastal town that inspired such writers as DH Lawrence and Gore Vidal to proclaim this the most beautiful coastline in the world.
  • Tour the quaint town of Amalfi, once a maritime super-power and now a beautiful village of 5,000 residents.
  • Hike the famed Sentiero Degli Dei (Path of the Gods), which boasts unparalleled views of the sea.
  • Immerse yourself in the village of Positano, which author John Steinbeck described as “a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone”.
  • Visit the isle of Capri, where we’ll walk amongst Roman ruins.
  • Enjoy traditional Italian cuisine, Michelin-star restaurants, and the infectious charm of the locals.
  • Stay in some of the most luxurious, 5-star hotels the Amalfi Coast has to offer.
  • Maximum of twelve Alumni per Trek
  • Due to the elevation gains and losses and mileage, this vacation is appropriate for a Mountain Trek fitness level 1, 2 or 3. Please email Guest Care if you have any questions about your ability to participate
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