Mountain Trek is committed to supporting your health journey before, during and after your immersion in our award-winning program. We created the Health Guide in Your Pocket App for this reason and now we’re offering health optimization coaching with Dr. Joshua Klapow, a psychologist and an alumni of Mountain Trek. Josh Klapow, Ph.D. is an associate professor of public health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham as well as a licensed clinical psychologist and lifestyle performance coach. In addition to his work with Mountain Trek, Dr. Klapow is also the author of Living SMART: 5 Essential Skills to Change Your Health Habits Forever. He says of the Mountain Trek program, “I’ve experienced it first hand and seen just how transformative the experience can be.” He also recognizes it can be challenging for people to prepare for their wellness journey and maintain health actions to create habits. Which is why Mountain Trek is bringing him into the portfolio of services offered. His services include:


Some guests experience feelings of doubt or fear before attending the Mountain Trek program. A Pre-Retreat Preparation Session with Dr. Josh will help you prepare mentally and emotionally for your experience. It can also help you overcome doubts that may be keeping you from signing up. During one to three 30-minute virtual coaching sessions, you’ll learn strategies for a smoother entry and a more successful immersion experience.

Retreat Immersion

During your stay, you’ll be actively making changes to your physical being by exerting yourself more, enjoying better sleep, eating properly and working through a detoxification process. Sometimes this can feel overwhelming and Immersion Coaching will help you feel more motivated and ensure that psychologically and emotionally you’re strong during your stay. Immersion Coaching sessions typically include one to two 30-minute virtual coaching sessions.

Post Retreat

Mountain Trek will give you a glimpse of what it’s like to exercise, eat well, sleep deeply, and live optimally. The challenge is to make sure the changes you experience become healthy habits in your day-to-day life. Post Retreat Coaching can help through support, insight, and guidance. For a monthly fee, you’ll work together with Dr. Josh via real-time phone, text and email conversations, as well as scheduled virtual meetings, to ensure you avoid slipping back into old habits while following your new wellness path.

We all want your experience at Mountain Trek to be beneficial, transformative and impactful. If you think coaching services may be something that can help you get to your goals and keep them, then contact Dr. Josh for more information.

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