Coming to Mountain Trek is an important first step to renewed fitness, added vitality and weight loss. It’s a significant step, and we know you have questions about us, about the kind of experience you can expect and about what’s in it for you. Is a weight loss vacation program the right choice? You’re probably wondering:

Q: What exactly is the benefit for me? Men lose an average of 8-10 pounds a week at Mountain Trek.  The crucial benefit is improved cardiovascular fitness and renewed vitality and energy. Remember when you were in great shape? When you had strength and stamina? We’ll help get you back there. After spending time at Mountain Trek weight loss camp for adults, many men have been able to modify their prescriptions for blood pressure or cholesterol-lowering medications.

Q: I’m not in great shape right now. Am I going to be able to keep up? Yes. We have hiking groups for all fitness levels. With only 14 guests at a time and 3 or 4 guides, you get an experience suited to your fitness and energy level. You’ll work hard, but you’ll never have to struggle to keep up.

Q: Actually, I’m in pretty good shape. Am I going to have to slow down or wait for others? No. We have hard-charging, type-A hiking groups too. And our fully equipped gym is always open. If you want challenge, we’ve got it.

Q: I understand that you have to limit calories in order to lose weight, but am I going to feel hungry all the time? Will I get enough to eat? And… do I have to eat tofu? It’s true: Our meals are portion-controlled and calorie-restricted. But they are also high in protein, packed with the nutrients you need to stay active and full of flavor. Men’s portions are bigger than women’s and can be supplemented if needed. We do serve tofu but also beef, chicken and seafood. We honor all your food preferences, but you may change your mind about tofu.

Q: I’m taking medication. Is that a problem? If your doctor doesn’t think it’s a problem, we don’t either. We want you to check in with your health care provider and tell him or her about Mountain Trek and the activities you’ll be doing. We need to know about your medications (you list them on the intake questionnaire). However, we are a small, individualized program. We cater to who you are and keep a careful watch. Remember that as your general fitness increases, your dependence on some medications (blood pressure, cholesterol) may decrease.

Q: If I come for two weeks, I notice that I get a day off in between sessions. What do I do? You could sleep late, hang out on the deck or sit in the steam room. We can arrange a day of local activity such as fishing, kayaking, golf, or skiing. You choose how you want to spend the day and we make it happen for you.

Q: Aren’t these kinds of programs really for women… or New Age types? I’m neither. We’re not a New Age weight loss boot camp retreat, although we certainly take a holistic approach (mind-body-spirit) to health. We are a high-energy, fitness and weight loss program designed to meet the needs of both men and women. Men – some who come as part of a couple, some who come solo – have great success at Mountain Trek, and many return year after year for fitness tune-ups. Our health retreat program is based on solid, scientific principles. Our dietician offers the latest dietary information based on the best research. Our weight loss fitness instructors are experts in their areas. Our guides are fully certified, and our credentialed life coach has a firm grasp on the challenges people face in their everyday lives.