Spa, Sauna & Mineral Hot Springs

You need to reward your body with some rest and relaxation after your hike. Enjoy the mountain views or and watch the stars come out in our new hot tub and plunge pool, relax in the sauna, or experience one of nature’s finest gems: our local Mineral Hot Springs. Your body will thank you!

Our spa facilities are designed with you in mind. Our recent updates include an all-new hot tub and plunge pool facility overlooking Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains, that encourages your relaxation and detoxification. Our large infrared sauna and steam sauna are also available for your pleasure. Enjoy unlimited access to the all-natural Mineral Hot Springs right next door during your stay.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Spa Pool

Our new, larger spa tub is great for resting after your hike and relaxing well-worked muscles. Socialize, drink in the views or just close your eyes and unwind to the sound of nature.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Walk-in Shower

Located immediately beside our steam room and infrared sauna is a private walk-in shower where you can cool down and cleanse.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Steam Room

The steam room will get you sweating in no time, helping to release your body’s toxins and encourage relaxation before sleep.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Infrared Sauna

There is nothing like an infrared sauna to penetrate deep into tissue. This detoxification method is very popular and provides incredible results.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Cold Plunge Pool

For the brave, a hydro therapeutic plunge in the cold pool is perfect for resetting your metabolism, increasing circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system and shedding fat.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Mineral Hot Springs

Located beside our BC location is a true gem: natural, mineral hot springs. Experience several different pools including one of the only hot spring cave pool formations on earth.