Payment Terms

A non-refundable US$1000 deposit per week is required to reserve your space in the Mountain Trek Program. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you a confirmation email detailing the information we require as part of your completed reservation (medical form, personal information, fitness profile, travel information).

The balance of payment will be processed 30 days prior to your trip. In the event of a cancellation within 30 days prior to your visit, we will attempt to fill your spot, and if done successfully, we will refund you less a 10% cancellation fee, or apply your balance, in full, to a future trip.

All our prices are quoted per person. The cost of the full Program includes: private room w/bathroom; all meals and snacks; daily personal laundry service; all the activities prescribed for your Program; three (50-minute) massages each week; use of onsite amenities, daypacks and hiking poles; water bladder and handbook; and transfers between Castlegar or Spokane airports to the spa on Saturdays only at standard times (please check with the reservation staff about our shuttle schedule).

Extra massages and activities are available for an additional cost.
Airfare to Spokane or Castlegar is not included.
Taxes Included.

We reserve the right to offer occasional online discounts.

Pricing Policy

Program prices are comprised of the following: accommodation ($100/day), meals ($100/day), provincial tax ($10/day), federal tax GST (approx. $33.95 per day), program and services (balance of total).

The following are not included in the Program price: airfare or transportation costs (other than standard Castlegar or Spokane airport transfers); airport departure taxes; baggage insurance; any expenses related to delay; early departure or cancellation of a trip whatsoever; and gratuities for staff. There is a menu of optional extra services and products included in our brochure and on our web site.

Gratuity Policy: As we have been asked for our gratuity policy in the past by other guests, we have included the following information: Gratuities have not been included in the price of your Mountain Trek package. If you would care to leave a gratuity for staff, envelopes will be provided. Massage therapists are tipped on an individual basis. Thank you.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits and Program fees are non refundable.
We highly recommend the purchase of cancellation insurance in the event that you are unable to fully complete your Program. If you require assistance arranging your cancellation insurance, we recommend that you call Karen or Shelley at Totem Travel, toll free 1-866-364-1254 or direct 1-250-364-1254.
 Refunds or credits are not given for early departures from or delayed arrivals to a Program for any reason. Refunds or credits are not given for the inability to complete the Program. Refunds or credits are not given for prepaid activities booked in advance if they are available but not taken during the Program.


In consideration of and as part payment for the right to participate in such retreats or activities and other health services arranged for by Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & health Spa Ltd. and its agents and associates, I have and assume all risks. I waive, release, and forever discharge its officers, agents, employees, contractors, representatives, executors, and all others from any and all responsibilities or liability from injuries, damages, or death resulting from my participation in any activities or my use of equipment or machinery in the above-mentioned activities, and will hold them harmless from and defend them against any and all liability, action, suit, debts, demands and claims of any sort and nature whatsoever which I now have or may hereafter arise out of or in connection with my trip or participation in any other activities arrange for me by Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa Ltd. and its agents and associates. By accepting the terms, I release any assumption of risk for myself, and my heirs, assigns, administrators, executors, and all members of my family. I agree that as per Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa Ltd.’s insurance policy, any legal action taken against Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa Ltd. and its agents and associates must use a Canadian court.