In the video below, Mountain Trek yoga instructor Katya describes stretches we should all do if we’re spending a lot of time at work. This is 1 of 3 stretches she outlines in our Love Your Path campaign. Sign up below.

We all have different wellness goals. Maybe it’s to lose those extra 10 pounds or not become winded when climbing a flight of stairs? Or perhaps it’s to be a little less stressed and get some better sleep? Each and every one of us has a unique path to follow in order to attain our goals and we at Mountain Trek recognize that. There’s no such thing as the perfect pill, or diet or one-size-fits-all solution. But there are guidelines we can follow, ones that have been in place for millennia, that will help lead all of us to better health and vitality. We call this the Mountain Trek Way.

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The Mountain Trek Way program is different than most health and wellness retreats because it takes the teachings and science in the five categories of nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress reduction and detoxification and applies it to your unique situation. Want to lose those extra 10 pounds? Consider eating breakfast within a half hour of waking up. Need better sleep? Sit less during the day. By pinpointing certain aspects of your health path, we can set about to alter them until eventually we create healthy habits that ensure every day is filled with vitality. Of course, the most difficult step we all take on our health journey is that first one off the couch but the good news is we’re here to support you. We want you to love your path and we know that you need to start somewhere. By signing up below you’ll haveexclusive access to weekly blogs about current topics, regular interviews with our expert staff and monthly challenges for all our alumni featuring prizes and a chance to win a free stay at Mountain Trek! 

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