Our BC lodge, nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, offers some of the most beautiful views on earth!

Located just a few minutes away from the famous Ainsworth Hot Springs, Mountain Trek’s beautiful British Columbia lodge is easily accessible by car and yet when you arrive you can’t help but feel like you’re in the middle of paradise. Surrounded by conifer trees, with a sprawling lawn, landscaped outdoor spa area and outdoor fire circle, the lodge offers views of the Selkirk Mountain Range (a sub-range of the Rocky Mountains) as well as the expansive Kootenay Lake, one of the largest in the province. (If you are flying to our lodge, please refer to our Airport Shuttle Directions page.)

Our Address:

3800 North Street, Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC V0G 1A0, Canada. 1-800-661-5161

Find us on the Map:

Map to Mountain Trek

Driving Directions from Seattle or Spokane, WA, USA

It takes 4 hours to drive from Spokane, 8 hours from Seattle

  • Take I-90 from Seattle to Spokane. The Spokane airport is on the I-90 as well. Just follow the I-90 East signs.
  • Exit I-90 at 282; Trent Ave and Hamilton Street exit. Follow Hamilton Street – it turns into Nevada Street and ends at an intersection with Hwy 2 (East) to Newport. Turn right onto Hwy 2.
  • Left on 211 North, Cusick/Metaline Falls. This exit is about 40 minutes from Spokane.
  • Left onto Hwy 20, Metaline. This exit is 20 minutes from the last one.
  • Hwy 20 turns into Hwy 31 (do not take the turnoff to Hwy 20, Colville).
  • Border inspection at Nelway. You must have your Passport. You cannot bring fresh fruit across the border, nor most food items that are not packaged.
  • The highway name changes to 6 North and distances are in kilometres rather than miles. Follow the signs to Salmo, and then to Nelson.
  • It takes 45 minutes to drive from Nelson to the Mountain Trek Lodge.
  • Drive through Nelson to the big orange bridge, following signs for Hwy 3A East. At Balfour junction continue North on Hwy 31 to Ainsworth Hot Springs and Kaslo. At this point it is 15 minutes to the Mountain Trek Lodge.
  • Enjoy the view; it is terrific. When you get to Ainsworth, take the left turn by J.B. Fletcher store at Sutton Street, go up the road until it forks, and take the right fork on North Street which leads you past the Mermaid Lodge and above the hot springs pools. At this point the road changes to gravel but it is very well maintained. Follow for ½ mile until you see a big cedar lodge on your right, with a sign at the bottom of the driveway. Drive up the driveway and…WELCOME!

Driving Directions from Vancouver, BC, Canada

It takes 8 hours to drive from Vancouver.

  • Take the TransCanada (Hwy #1) to Hope
  • Transfer to Hwy 3, which goes through Princeton, Osoyoos, Grand Forks, Castlegar and Nelson
  • At the first stop sign you reach in Nelson, go straight through it. (Unless you want to tour the main street, which is called Baker St., then turn right at the stop sign.)
  • If you go straight through, just keep to the road until you come to a traffic signal. This is the corner of Vernon Street and Ward. On the corner there is the Hume Hotel, and the Courthouse. Turn left.
  • Just keep to this road as it meanders through the town. Within about 5 minutes a big orange bridge will be visible.
  • Follow same directions as above from this point.

Driving Directions from Idaho, USA

It takes 8 hours to drive from Bonners Ferry in Northern Idaho.

  • Take Hwy 1 from Bonners Ferry to the Porthill border crossing. You must have your Passport with you for the border. The Hwy then turns into #21 to Creston. Connect here to Hwy 3A North.
  • Follow Hwy 3A from Creston then to Kootenay Bay, where you will take a (free) ferry ride, about 40 minutes long, over to Balfour. (Enjoy the ferry ride as it offers incredible views and is the longest free ferry in North America!)
  • At Balfour, make a right turn on to Hwy 31, and follow the signs to Ainsworth. This is a fifteen minute drive through some spectacular bluffs; please drive carefully.
  • Enjoy the view; it is terrific. When you get to Ainsworth, take the left turn by J.B. Fletcher store at Sutton Street.
  • Follow same directions as above from this point.

Driving Directions from Kelowna, BC

It takes about 6 hours to drive from Kelowna.

  • From Kelowna travel Hwy 97 south to Osoyoos.
  • Take Hwy 3A from Osoyoos to Castlegar and then stay on this to Nelson.
  • Follow same directions as above from this point.
  • Alternatively, you can drive through Vernon, which takes less time but involves windy mountain roads (they are paved).
  • Take Hwy 97 north to Vernon

    then travel east on Hwy 6, through Lumbey to the Needles-Fauquier Ferry.

  • When you disembark from the ferry, continue on Hwy 6 north to Nakusp.
  • From Naksup drive Hwy 6 south to New Denver where you will turn onto Hwy 31A east to Kaslo (not south through Nelson)

  • From Kaslo take Hwy 31 south to Ainsworth and turn right by the J.B. Fletcher store at Sutton St.
  • Follow same directions as above from this point.

Driving Directions from Calgary, AB

This drive takes 8 hours.

  • Take the TransCanada (Hwy 1) from Calgary, through Banff National Park, to the turnoff for Hwy 93 to Cranbrook.
  • Hwy 93 turns into Hwy 95 south of Fairmont Hot Springs. Continue on Hwy 95 through Cranbrook, where it connects with Hwy 3, and follow to Creston.
  • From this location follow the same directions as those described above from Idaho.
  • Alternatively, you can continue on Hwy 1 past Revelstoke to the Hwy 23 exit south to the free Galena Bay ferry.
  • Once you disembark from the ferry, continue on Hwy 23 south to Nakusp.
  • From here follow the same directions as described from Kelowna via Vernon.