Did you know our bodies ingest toxins every day from our environment, food and lifestyle choices? Cleaning out these toxins is a necessary step in whole body health and, thankfully, it is relatively easy. Yet so few of us take the time to detox our bodies, which means we're in danger of swelling our fat cells and we become more susceptible to illness and disease. 

Reducing toxins in the body is key to living a long, healthy life. By showing you how to support your body’s detox functions, we ensure your sensitive organs and tissue are protected and you avoid the enlargement of fat cells and storage of chemical-encased fatty acids. In short, you'll feel clean, light and whole again.

Massage, Sauna, Spa & Hot Springs

The most relaxing ways to detox your body is to enjoy a hot soak or massage to help stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage sweat, which flushes the body of toxins.

Spa Cuisine, Teas & Tonics

Your body will receive only the very best of ingredients while at our detox retreat and program. You’ll never be hungry but you will enjoy cleansing food and drink that will help support your body’s cleansing functions.

Educational Talks on Detoxification

Processed foods contain more than 3,000 unnatural chemicals and they're all approved by the FDA. Learn about the importance of countering these toxins as well as their role in weight loss.

Hydration & Sweating

We should all be drinking enough water to support our kidney’s removal of water-soluble toxins and by then sweating it out, we help our bodies cleanse. It's a beautiful feeling.