Creating healthy habits includes getting enough exercise. Living in the city, a gym is necessary but can be intimidating at the start. Familiarize yourself in our state-of-the-art gym, get comfortable with the gear, and have fun in our evening fitness class with our world-class instructors.

Evening Fitness Classes

Every evening after dinner we offer a variety of fitness classes in our gym, which looks out over Kootenay Lake and the beautiful Purcell Mountains. Join us for a variety of training that strengthens muscles, improves stamina, increases flexibility and, most importantly, offers a fun way to fat flush through cardio exercise.

Circuit Training

A cardiovascular and strength-building experience. You'll move through a variety of poses that get your blood pumping.

All Ball

A fun cardio class that uses an exercise ball to engage your core, improve your balance, make you sweat, and feel fit!

Spin Bikes

Our spin instructor leads you on a virtual bike tour through the Kootenay region, up mountains and around the lake.

Strength Training

Our personal trainer guides you through different routines and familiarizes you with the equipment and proper technique.

Cardio Kick Boxing

This exciting stamina- and strength-building exercise revs up your metabolism and burns off those calories quickly.

Iron Reps

This is a great way to build body awareness and confidence with weights while getting a fantastic cardio workout.


Build strength and cardio endurance at a series of different exercise stations that are designed to really get you moving.