Re-align & Raise Your Metabolism

Have you noticed that as you age it’s harder to maintain your same weight? This is totally natural and happens to everyone: as we get older our metabolic rate slows down and so to maintain our same fitness levels we need to eat fewer calories and exercise a little more. It doesn’t help that we’ve become primarily sedentary in our lifestyle, sitting at desks, in vehicles and in front of the TV. The results are fat storage, muscle loss and fatigue to name just a few. Ready to raise your metabolism?

We’re going to re-align your metabolism so you look and feel younger and healthier. During your time at Mountain Trek you’ll learn and incorporate scientifically proven practices that will help manage your blood sugar and insulin levels, reclaim muscle and bone density, burn your unnecessary stored fat and lower your cortisol levels.

Portion Controlled Spa Cuisine

The delicious meals, snacks, tonics and teas prepared by our gourmet chefs are served in portions and combinations designed to improve your metabolism, getting it revved up to burn fat and perform energetically.

Boot-Camp Schedule Fitness

Our activities are planned and structured in a bootcamp-style schedule, so you always know what’s next. Constant activity, such as long periods of hiking, helps keep you focused on burning calories.

Stress Reduction

Metabolic performance is partially dependent on stress levels. Reduce those and you will increase your metabolism. We take care of everything during your stay with us, allowing you to relax completely.

Educational Talks on Metabolism

During your time with us you’ll better understand metabolic rates, how they’re affected as we age and more. Our educational and interactive talks on stress, diet, nutrition and metabolism are a highlight.