Every Spring Mountain Trek offers its alumni the opportunity to go on hiking vacations that explore some the most celebrated, culturally rich trekking routes in the world. After you kick start your fitness and weight loss at Mountain Trek, we invite you to treat yourself to annual hiking vacations that include treks in Europe, Asia and South America.

Join Mountain Trek for once-in-a-lifetime hiking vacations offered around the world. These hiking vacations, although not part of our regular fitness and weight loss program, involve hiking every day, which will always help to increase your fitness level and boost your metabolism. With two to three different sessions, suited to different fitness levels, you’ll always trek at a pace that is comfortable and perfect for your ability. After you kickstart your fitness and weight loss at Mountain Trek, treat yourself to an adventure vacation and explore some of the most celebrated treks in the world.


In 2016 we visit the "land of the Thunder Dragon" and discover why Bhutan is the happiest place on earth. It's a land of beauty, mystery and deeply held beliefs and the hiking is some of the best on the planet.


Italy's Amalfi Coast boasts centuries-old cathedrals, multi-hued houses on steep cliffs and a variety of walking experiences from medieval lanes to rugged pathways in pine forests – all of which we enjoyed in 2015!


The land of the rising sun called to us in 2014. We explored the culture, visited temples and hiked the world-famous trails of Japan during the day. Then we relaxed in traditional hot spring onsens every night.


There is no mistaking the allure of the tallest mountains in the world. The hiking in Nepal was spectacular and making it up to the Everest base camp was a highlight, literally. It was probably the highest most of us will ever go.


In 2014 we hiked the Inca Trail, wandered through mountain villages, met the Quechua people and eventually made it to Machu Picchu, the famous Incan site built on a 8,000-foot peak.


We followed the legendary Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in 2012 and finished our journey at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, in the northwestern part of the country.