Achieve Natural Hormonal Balance

It may not come as a surprise that the state of hormones in your body have a direct impact on your overall mood and vitality. But did you know they also impact your weight? In fact, all our body functions depend on hormonal balance yet there is so much in our lives that affect our hormonal balance including stress, environmental pollutants, diet, etc. And as we age, our hormones undergo various transformations so it’s important to maintain a healthy metabolism in order to properly balance our hormones.

We help you take control of your hormonal balance. Whether its serotonin, cortisol, insulin, melatonin, glucagon or any of the many others, we help you target the actions and activities that will balance your hormone level. Through education and action we make you aware of the steps to gain control and not only balance your hormones, but balance your life as well.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Balanced Diet

Hormonal imbalance can be the result of a diet that contains too much or too little of your body’s requirements. Fulfilling your body’s needs is paramount to a balanced body chemistry.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Nature Exposure

Many scientific studies have come out recently explaining how being outside in nature is good for us in a variety of ways. Reducing stress in nature while being active is a winning combination.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Restful Sleep

Reducing stress and getting a good night sleep allows the body to reset and recharge. The more rested you are the better your body will react to changes and events and the more balanced your hormones are.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Educational Talks

The best way to gain hormonal balance is to learn all about it. Our educational, interactive talks answer your questions and provide a clear picture about hormonal effects on your health and long-term well-being.