Stress Release

With Program Director Kirk

Every single one of us has experienced stress in our lives — but did you know there’s such thing as good and bad stress? We are genetically hard wired to avoid responding to life-threatening stressors and this survival response is healthy when experienced occasionally. It becomes unhealthy when triggered on a chronic basis, though. Whether the stressor is mental, emotional or physical, the survival response requires tremendous energy to activate and even more to maintain. And this drains our overall vitality. We all need a stress management retreat — come to Mountain Trek to release years of stress and forge a peaceful path forward.

We take care of your every need so you can concentrate on you. No cooking or laundry, no plans to make, no stress. Just your own room and two staff for every guest to ensure you have nothing to worry about. We’ll teach you relaxation techniques and how to creatively manage your stress so you’ll feel more rejuvenated than you’ve ever been before.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Stress Reducing Activities

Three to four hours of hiking in pristine nature not only burns calories but it will help recalibrate your mental and emotional wellbeing. Nightly fitness classes & morning yoga help too.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Staff & Guided Service

We have two staff members for every guest so you’re assured a stress-free experience. We even take care of your massage schedule! All you have to do is show up.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Educational Talks on Stress

Despite the fact we are a stressed society, there are ways to counter those effects each day. It takes practise and awareness which is what we teach and do during our health program.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

All-Inclusive Stress-Free Experience

From the moment you arrive we take care of you: airport shuttles, meals, massages, hot springs, accommodation, laundry and more are all included in your program costs.