Breakfast tips, recipes ideas and reasons for not skipping it.


Start Your Day with A Breakfast Parfait

Roasted Red Pepper Breakfast Frittata

I’ve always thought that frittata sounded like a sexy latin dance. At any rate, its a delicious way to dazzle your friends and family with a breakfast favorite that is simple to prepare and divine to eat.

Burn more fat: Skip Breakfast before workout (WRONG)

We saw an article on Yahoo! news describing a study in the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. Whilst the catchy headline told me to skip breakfast, the research data did nothing to persuade me to give up breakfast before exercising. The study looked at only 7 healthy and fit youths, with only 4 of the youths showing only a marginal increase in fat loss but ALL the youths measuring poorer athletic performance compared to their established athletic norms.

Read more about the importance of eating breakfast and the effects meal timing has on our metabolism.

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