Emergency in Nepal – How We’re Helping Our Friends

Mountain Trek helps Nepal

We’ve heard from a number of our alumni regarding Nepal since the earthquake and we wanted to write to let you know what the situation is there and the various ways we are helping.

Mountain Trek has a special relationship with Nepal: in 2011 we organized an adventure hike there that saw our guests reach Everest Basecamp, one of the areas affected when the earthquake triggered an avalanche on the mountain. Also, Nick Clayton, Mountain Trek’s primary owner, supports ITrekNepal, based in the historic city of Bhakatapur near Kathmandu, and we are very happy to announce that the ITrekNepal guests, staff and their families are all safe. However, many are currently living in tents or on the streets and water, power, communications and transportation are either completely out of commission or quickly diminishing. It will take a long time to stabilize the situation there and rebuild.

Nick is also involved in a project to bring the internet to the small village of Takru, located closer to the epicentre of the earthquake. We’ve just received this latest information about their situation: “Most of the houses are damaged but there are no casualties. The villagers are moving toward Pokhara or down to Saintighata Village.” Given the circumstances this is good news although we are trying to get more information about the extent of the damage.

We’ve been told there are two basic ways we can help: we can make a donation to one of the established charities currently working in Nepal (the Mercy Corps or Save the Children were recommended) and designate it for the Nepal earthquake relief. We’ve also set aside funds to help finance efforts in Bhaktapur and Takru so the citizens (and our friends) can rebuild their lives and their homes. ITrekNepal operates a licensed charity in Nepal called the New Hope foundation but because of the current infrastructure problems it is not possible to donate directly through this organization at this time.

If you are moved at all to help the people of Nepal, please donate to the charities above, or simply send us an
e-mail expressing your wish to help Bhaktapur and Takru and we will notify you as soon as possible where and how to send your donation.

On behalf of everyone at Mountain Trek let me say how very grateful we are to have so many friends around the world who care about Nepal, and for the wonderful people there who have graced our lives with their generous spirit. Thank you again for your support.

Warm regards,


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