Nordic Fitness Trekking

Nordic Fitness Trekking

Nordic Fitness Trekking
There are a few resorts and programs around North America that offer hiking as a small compenent of their fitness regimens but what differentiates Mountain Trek is the fact our main activity is so much more than just hiking: it’s Nordic Fitness Trekking!

A fun, off-road cousin to Nordic Walking, Nordic Fitness Trekking not only gets you outside and enjoying the best gym in the world, it also helps to engage 90 percent of your body’s muscles. It’s the perfect sport for those who want to see beautiful sites, burn calories, get fit and work off the kinks from sitting for so long everyday. Here are some other benefits from Nordic Fitness Trekking:

  • We employ Postural Ergonomic instruction to maximize muscle power while avoiding joint injury
  • We utilize Nordic Trekking Poles to ensure a full body workout, increased cardio output and to protect knees on the downhills
  • Your core stabilizer muscles are strengthened by trekking on varying terrain
  • Everyone’s stress hormone Cortisol is lowered (research proves that 50 minutes in “complex” nature lowers Cortisol and raises “feel good” hormones Serotonin and Oxcytocin)
  • Detoxification is encouraged via deep breathing clean, oxygenated air and releasing toxins through the lungs
  • You’ll sleep better and deeper thanks to the physical exertion coupled with fresh, clean air.

Have a look at the image above which depicts our program director Kirkland Shave participating in the style of Nordic Fitness Trekking promoted at Mountain Trek. You’ll notice his back is straight, knees are bent and his arms are fully engaged: they’re bent at a 90-degree-angle and when he plants his poles he uses his triceps to drive the poles down into the earth.

Another main benefit of our Nordic Fitness Hiking activity includes an increased sense of personal accomplishment! After all, nothing beats the empowered feeling of getting to the top of a mountain!