Guess Which Mountain Trek Guide is Pregnant?!


The Mountain Trek staff are one big happy family and it’s with complete joy we’re announcing that our family is growing by one this holiday season!

Guide Krista Van Ee, who’s worked for Mountain Trek for almost a decade, is 8 months pregnant! Her due date is just after our Winter Program ends but who knows – maybe we’ll have a special announcement to make to all our friends joining us for our Winter Program at the BC lodge Dec 27-Jan 3.

For those who might not know Krista, she is one of the first guides people meet when they arrive at our luxurious lodge in British Columbia. Originally from Vernon, BC, she followed her mother’s path into the outdoor guiding world and has never looked back. She’s been hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking in the West Kootenays for more than 10 years and was married in 2013. She and her husband bought a house not too far from the Mountain Trek lodge and Krista says she’s currently busy getting the nursery ready for the new arrival.

If you’d like to pass along a heart-felt congratulatory message to Krista, please leave a reply at the bottom of this page and we’ll ensure she gets them.

Again, we’re so happy for her. Congratulations Krista!