Mountain Trek Lodge & Spa Yoga Studio

Mountain Trek’s Morning Routine

I see you there, scratching your head as you read, “6:15AM Smoothie + Tonic” on our schedule for every day (!) of the week at Mountain Trek. And I see you scratching even harder when you read, “6:30 AM Gentle Yoga.”

Here’s the deal with why we wake up at 6AM to drink “that stuff” within 30 minutes, and then send our bodies straight into some form of movement beyond scrolling through social media or emails. There’s a science to our program’s fine-tuned morning routine.

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Break your fast within half an hour of getting out of bed

Mountain Trek doesn’t offer a diet; instead, our award-winning program emphasizes eating patterns. Why? this balances your blood sugar throughout the day, meaning your metabolism will work like a well-oiled machine and you will avoid energy spikes and crashes.

Eating breakfast immediately—which, at Mountain Trek, is broken into two parts, with the first part being a smoothie and tonic upon waking at 6AM—kick-starts your metabolism for the day. Also, eating within 30 minutes of waking supports your circadian rhythm, meaning you’ll sleep soundly, and it stops your liver from going into a famine response that will only hinder your ability to burn calories.

Stretch mindfully after breakfast

If you don’t keep lengthening the muscles you regenerate throughout the night, you’ll end up stiff as a board. Stretching in the morning will improve your brain activity, decrease your aches and pains, and set you up for improved energy throughout the day. If there’s one way to put a pep in your step, it’s through improving the mobility in all of your body’s main joints.   

As you stretch, focus intently on the sensation in your muscles and your breathing. Close your eyes if you need to. Hold each stretch for 5 long breaths, deepening the stretch slightly with every exhale. Start from the ground up, stretching everything from your calves to your neck muscles. If you have more time before work, attending a morning yoga class is a great way to start your day. 

To give you a little personal insight, my husband and I used to never eat breakfast or stretch before heading off to work in San Francisco. We went from bed to desk. That’s it. The bad habit existed because our far-too-late dinners meant our bodies never craved breakfast. Once we got on Mountain Trek’s schedule and started eating the appropriate-sized dinner at the right time, there was no going back.

By eating earlier in the evening, we slept better and woke up without food hangovers, and we couldn’t wait for our nourishing smoothie and tonic. We felt much more energetic and clear-minded. And, paired with the morning mindful stretch, we felt accomplished and confident for the day, before the clock even struck 7:30 AM.

Mountain Trek’s morning routine will help your body regain balance. It’ll kick you back into rhythm, and make you feel like a whole new you.

To experience the Mountain Trek morning routine yourself—to wake up after a night of deep sleep, fuel your body with organic nourishment and do sun-rise yoga overlooking a lake deep in the therapeutic wilderness of British Columbia, Canada—contact us or view program availability.