Detoxifying And Energizing: Morning Lemon Ginger Tea

Ginger and Lemon Tonic
If you’re the type of person who needs a little jump start in the a.m., and there isn’t any caffeine coursing through your veins, the next best thing is Mountain Trek’s Morning Ginger Tea. When taken in the first 30 minutes after you awake, it helps your body end it’s overnight fast, charge up your metabolism, and prevent nausea. Follow it immediately with a morning smoothie and you’re good to get in that hour of morning yoga before you eat breakfast. It’s also great anytime during the day, in moderation, of course.

What’s so special about ginger? It’s not just a food and spice. It’s a medicine. And, it’s quite possible that ginger is nature’s best combination of detoxifier, anti-inflammatory and digestive aid, all-in-one. The people of East Asia have known it for thousands of years. They still use it as a treatment for a broad spectrum of ailments ranging from respiratory problems associated with colds and flu, preventing nausea, increasing the appetite, livening the libido, addressing circulation problems, and reducing joint pain.

It’s no wonder its nickname is “the miracle root”. It’s pretty amazing. The robust rhizome earns it’s kudos, considering it also increases absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients into the body which boosts the immune system. Whether taken internally as a tea, dried, candied, pickled, fresh, juiced, or as an oil (it can also be applied topically or added to water in a bath), ginger is an incredibly effective, ancient solution to many of the health issues we still face today.


What is Mountain Trek?

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