Book Your Fitness Boot Camps & Weight Loss Retreat The Mountain Trek Health and Fitness Program offers its hiking-based Reboot and Renewal Packages at two stunning destinations. Destress, reset your metabolism and recover your health at our Alpine Retreat Lodge nestled in the mountains near historic Nelson BC (May-Oct). Or bask in the sunshine at our Rancho La Puerta Health Spa Retreat, situated in the desert hills of Baja MX (Nov & Feb). We also offer our annual Adventure Trek to Japan (April) – a hiking vacation steeped in ancient customs.

Benefit from the Mountain Trek Health and Fitness Program–a boutique, boot camp scheduled combination of health spa, fitness tune-up and hiking vacation.

Our 1 week Reboot or 2 week Renewal Programs are perfect for dropping weight, releasing toxins, rebalancing hormones, de-stressing, forging healthy habits, reigniting your vital energy and recharging your spirit.

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It’s a preventative wellness retreat, health spa and fitness boot camp!

Health Retreat Service AwardThe Mountain Trek Health and Fitness Program’s continued success is due both to our valued clients, as well as to some of the most respected and influential media outlets around the world, spreading the word about the benefits of this Program.

Whether you experience British Columbia’s emerald mountain forests, and pristine glacier-fed lakes, or Baja Mexico’s endless sunshine and sage-bush spotted desert hills, you’ll be completely immersed in pristine nature, free from bad habits and technological gadgets.  This is what makes our Health and Fitness Program unlike any other.

Mountain Trek offers two effective and invigorating choices. Give yourself a much needed health and fitness tune-up with a 1-week Reboot Program, or completely change and enhance your life with a 2-week Renewal Program.

Our 1 week hiking based Reboot Program will help you:

  • reclaim youthful athleticism
  • relieve stressors
  • release weight and toxins
  • refocus your nutritional patterns
  • reignite your vital energy
  • recalibrate your anabolic metabolism
  • revive your aerobic fitness
  • reconnect mind-body awareness
  • revitalize in the natural world

In addition to what you will experience in The Reboot, our 2 week Renewal Program will help you:

  • rebalance your hormones
  • reset your sleep timetable
  • realign habits and solidify healthy patterns
  • relax deeply
  • reverse the effects of aging

Imagine yourself starting each morning with sunrise yoga, followed by a delicious organic breakfast and a day spent hiking, immersed in nature. After hours spent on the trails, you refuel with portion-controlled spa cuisine, which prepares you for a final fat-burning workout. Then unwind in the spa with a massage and a soak in the natural, healing hot springs located near the property. Finally, end your day by snuggling in your king-sized bed at our timber frame lodge, where you settle into a deep and peaceful sleep. The next morning you awake rested, full of youthful vitality, ready to do it all again!

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A Week In The Mountain Trek Health and Fitness Program

Here’s a look at our 1-week Reboot Program features.

  • 6, 3-hour to 4-hour daily guided hikes
  • 3, 50-minute therapeutic massages
  • 8 lifestyle classes
  • mineral hot springs soaks (Nelson BC only)

Take a look at our 2-week Renewal Program features.

  • 10% discount on second week
  • 12, 3-hour to 4-hour daily guided hikes
  • 7, 50-minute therapeutic massages
  • 10 lifestyle classes
  • mineral hot springs soaks (Nelson BC only)

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