Best Health and Wellness Retreat in Canada by Condé Nast

This summer, when Travel + Leisure rated Mountain Trek the #1 Health Retreat in the US & Canada, we were humbled. But now, after Condé Nast just announced that Mountain Trek is the #1 Wellness Retreat in all of Canada, we are speechless. Every member of the Mountain Trek team pours their heart and soul into offering a world-class program that helps guests reset their health, often times giving them back their lives. While we don’t do it for the accolades, it does feel nice to be recognized. So, thank you. Thank you to the guests who have come and shared your experience, and thank you to the guests who have yet to embark on the Mountain Trek journey. We owe everything we do to you.

Mountain Trek has been named the top Wellness Retreat in Canada in Condé Nast’s Readers’ Choice Awards

Why did Conde Nast rate Mountain Trek the best Health & Wellness Retreat in Canada?

With a rating of 95.89 out of 100, Mountain Trek has the highest rating of any health & wellness retreat in Canada. We are humbled, yes, but know this isn’t luck. We attribute this high rating to the following:

Guest Results

There’s no way to sugar coat it, a week at Mountain Trek will challenge you. Our fitness and health program, which has been designed by doctors and experts to provide the world’s most effective health reset, will ignite your metabolism, detoxify you nutritionally and digitally, and push your athleticism to the next level. While it takes hard work, the results are astounding. After a week of living in optimal health, our guests leave feeling 10 years younger—they have lost weight, increased energy, actually slept, and reduced their anxiety. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Mountain Trek Staff

With a program like Mountain Trek, where guests undergo such a dramatic health reset, you need the exact right staff to nurture guests through the experience. You need someone who genuinely cares about the success of the guest, and is able to pull them through the program, rather than push. Every staff member at Mountain Trek chooses to work here to help change lives, not just collect a paycheck, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Nature Immersion

Oh sweet mother nature, how we love you. Afterall, there is no greater healer than nature. For millennia, people have sought the mountains as a place of physical and emotional healing, climbing her peaks to achieve new perspective, and soaking in her hot springs to detox and heal sore muscles. At Mountain Trek, we are lucky to have the lush mountains of British Columbia as our surrounding, offering world-class hiking right from our front door and local hot springs just down the road. A true health reset is made possible in these conditions.

Holistic Balanced Health Approach

We are so much more than a fitness retreat or hiking retreat. The Mountain Trek Health Program focuses on five core areas of your health; fitness, nutrition, stress management, detoxification, and sleep. When balancing these five elements we see a profound compounding effect, and our health reaches levels we never thought possible. One can run a marathon and certainly be fit, but if they are not sleeping well and riddled with anxiety, they are not healthy. Or one could eat a perfectly nutritious diet and practice mindfulness for hours a day, but if they are not physically active, inflammation and toxins will build up in their system and they will develop health issues. To be truly healthy, which in turn results in being truly happy, we must balance all five areas of our health.

With a rating of 95.89 out of 100, Mountain Trek has the highest rating of any health & wellness retreat in Canada.

Our commitment to your health

While we are grateful to Condé Nast for the recognition, we mostly extend our thanks to our loyal guests. It is your drive and spirit that motivate us to offer the world’s best fitness retreat and health spa. Our program continues to evolve to meet modern health issues. As we write this, anxiety and depression are becoming an epidemic. Fueled by modern habits such as spending 10+ hours sitting and 13+ hours glued to a screen, we can’t help but be anxious or depressed when we look at the real world around us. But it is the real world that holds so much hope and joy and it is this immediate moment that offers peace. We look forward to evolving the program and pushing the limits, and hope to see you at the retreat in the near future. Thank you again for your support.