Working out in the Mountain Trek gym

As David Bowie sings…ChChChChanges!

Gym work outTime to make the change…chchchchanges….ah yes, it’s entering the third week of the New Year, our lists are posted on our fridges, this is the YEAR I want to and will:

  1.  lose weight
  2.  get fit
  3.  have more energy.

Change, if it was easy, would negate the endless diet books, endless motivation books, and endless books in general with advice on how to incorporate and stay with our goals.

What is our motivator to make change? What continues to motivate us to continue to pursue our goals when life seems to interfere with our plans? I read somewhere that training new habits takes courage and compassionate resolve – its purpose enables you to transform or assimilate change through endurance or to step into your power by following your heart or standing up for your choices. It’s a challenge or a test of character that comes from facing your fears or training new habits and it relies on perseverance or the powers of persuasion to hang in there.

For those of you out there, who feel at times the universe conspires against your well intended plans (did you hear the joke about how do you make God laugh? You tell him your plans.) remember to hang in there. Allow yourself the space and grace to flow with what life offers and to be mindful of the choices you make in the moment. It’s the little things we do bit by bit that eventually add up to bigger changes. There is no such thing as failure, just opportunities for learning. So remember to reward yourself every week for your efforts, to journal or somehow keep track of your progress and to find the support you need and to use them especially when times get a bit challenging.

And remember to believe that you can do it!