A Brand New Year…2010…

I had every intention of writing a list of New Year’s resolutions for this blog before 2010 descended upon me. However, like all good intentions, things get in the way. I have a good excuse (as far as excuses go) as Mountain Trek’s Turkey Burn program was in full force and I can say I hit the ground snowshoeing after the holidays. Whew! We were a full house of 14 guests, some new to our snowshoe program and some familiar with us. So as a guide and New Year’s Eve host, my dance card quickly filled up and only now, I can kick back and start my list. Perhaps, I shouldn’t call them resolutions but suggestions for the year to support you on your journey to finding vitality in your life.

In the area of Nutrition:

1. For two weeks every three months, adopt a mini-cleanse. Limit and if you can, eliminate, dairy, wheat/flour products, sugar (all forms), processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol. This supports the body’s own natural cleansing process and supports what we promote at MT, detoxing through dietary changes. Enjoy more veggies, fish like salmon, lean meats, and be generous in using good fats like flax oil or Udo’s Oil.

And speaking of Detox:

2. Brush your Body. Dry skin brushing is an easy way to help the skin eliminate toxins, drain and cleanse the lymphatic system, and help support the immune system. Gently sweep the brush in a circular motion, moving from the outer areas of the body (legs and hands) towards the heart. Try it three times a week for 5-10 minutes before your morning shower. Dry skin brushes are available at most drugstores or health food stores.

How about fitness?

3. Text yourself messages reminding you to work out.

And of course, we can’t forget, relaxation or destressing.

4. Breathe. That’s it. Take a moment each hour of each day to simply take a deep breath.