Spa Expansion at Mountain Trek

GLUNS_140719_0264Melanie Robin, Guest Services Coordinator sat down with Kirkland Shave, General Manager and Program Director at Mountain Trek. The topic for discussion was around the new construction currently under way at the lodge at Mountain Trek.

Melanie: Hi Kirkland, you’ve literally just returned from Rancho La Puerta in Mexico, and the alumni gathering in DC. Welcome back!

Kirkland: Thank you, Melanie. Glad to be home.

Melanie: So we’ve had a lot of construction going on here the past couple weeks. What exactly are we building?

Kirkland: We are doing two major renovations. We are rebuilding and enlarging our infra-red detoxification sauna within the spa area, and we are also replacing our original, tiny, hot tub, with a beautiful, 8-person hot tub and cold plunge spa facility. This is being built in between our current spa building, and the dining room. It will be sitting 3 feet above the ground so that while people are in the pool, it can add to their stress reduction by drinking in the gorgeous views of Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains. This tastefully tiled, elevated deck will be back-dropped by a stone and moss waterfall grotto. We want our visitors to feel like they’re in a natural mountain pool.

Melanie: Wow, sounds awesome!

Kirkland: It will be! The construction is actually pretty complex because we have to work within the confines of colder winter weather. In fact a whole building will have to be erected over the site in order to keep everything from freezing, so that all the stone work, etc. can cure properly. The whole area will also be landscaped with a zen, natural approach. My wife, Andrea, who is an artist and landscaper, will be coming on the Japan trek to gain inspiration for the pool landscaping.

Melanie: Great inspiration. How will it improve the Mountain Trek experience?

Kirkland: It’s definitely going to add to the detoxification process, as it will be more streamlined, having the spa and hot and cold pools connected. It will also add yet another immersion in nature with the amazing view, to help lower the stress hormone, Cortisol. As well as increasing the pleasure quotient by having a larger party pool for the guests!

Melanie: Estimated project completion date?

Kirkland: Just in time for the start of the season in May 2014.

Melanie: Nice. So…any chance the staff might be able to give it a test dip before we open for the season?!

Kirkland: Sure – but you might want to wait until the heaters are installed!

Check out the project blue prints or follow construction progress on Facebook.

UPDATE: The spa is complete and our guest are enjoying our new beautiful facility.


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