Autumn Retreat in Nelson, Canada

The chaos of the summer holidays is over and now it’s time to concentrate on just you. Get back into a healthy routine, have our chefs cook for you and enjoy evening spa soaks and massages.

The summer holidays can be a stressful time: places to go, people to see and lots of barbecued food and cold beverages to consume. Fall should be a time to step back from all of that and just concentrate on ourselves but it can be hard to let go of all that stress. You need a place where you can cast your worries aside and have someone else take care of everything for you for a change. And that place should be absolutely stunning!

Many people believe fall is the most gorgeous season in the mountains because of the colourful scenery. The green pines perfectly compliment the yellow larches while deciduous trees in communities like Nelson and Kaslo turn every shade of red and orange. Enjoy the last unparalleled views before the upper hiking trails close for the winter. Breathe in the cool morning air, enjoy the sunny days and, above all, put the stress of the summer holidays behind you and let us take care of your every need.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Gentle Yoga

Start the day overlooking the multi-coloured landscape through the floor-to-ceiling windows of our beautiful yoga studio.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Fitness Hikes

Enjoy the last alpine hikes of the season before the snow flies and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Spa Cuisine

It’s harvest time and our autumn menu features fresh and delicious foods from many local farms.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Health Lectures

Learn about the science of the season and how our ancestors prepared for the coming of winter. Your body will thank you for it.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Fitness Classes

The fresh, cool evening air and fun evening exercise classes will ensure you sleep soundly every night.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Hot Springs & Massage

It’s time to detox after a summer of excess and the best way to do that is enjoy the natural hot springs, sauna and massages.