Summer Retreat in Nelson, Canada

Escape the heat that is smothering the city. Come and experience our refreshing, invigorating mountain air and let us take care of everything you need from your delicious breakfast to your evening massage. Summer can be an exhausting time: lots of social events, activities and family outings. Not to mention all the excessive eating and drinking that is encouraged during this season. Sometimes you just have to step away from it all and relax, unwind and reclaim your vitality. Instead of sweating through another day in the heat, you should escape to cooler climes where it’s easy to remember your health and well-being is the most important thing in your life.

Summer in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

It’s as if you’re standing in a postcard: stunning scenery of mountain tops, mirror-calm lakes and forests as far as the eye can see. Summer is a special time in the mountains because you can get higher into the alpine and be reminded of how awe-inspiring life really is. Take a break from the city smog and come breathe our fresh mountain air.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat


Watch as the sun fills the huge windows of our beautiful studio and you’re treated to unbelievable views of the Purcell Mountains.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Daily Hiking

We can drive higher into the alpine so you can enjoy hiking trails that feature some of the most beautiful views in the world.


Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Spa Cuisine

Fresh summer foods are on the menu as our chefs prepare amazing dishes that will nourish and delight.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Health Lectures

This summer schooling is anything but boring: learn how our ancestors used their bodies to bring down wooly mammoths!

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Fitness Classes

Our state-of-the-art fitness gym will still be sun-lit while you have fun doing different exercise programs every evening.

Mountain Trek Health & Fitness Retreat

Hotsprings, Spa & Massage

Relax in our outdoor spa and enjoy the soothing sounds of crickets and frogs while the stars come out.